Bean-Livingston surface barriers for flux penetration in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta single crystals near the transition temperature

Mihalache, V.
Dede, M.
Oral, Ahmet
Miu, L.
The first field for magnetic flux penetration H in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta (Bi-2212) single crystals near the critical temperature T-c was investigated from the local magnetic hysteresis loops registered for different magnetic field H sweeping rates by using a scanning Hall probe microscope (SHPM) with similar to 1 mu m effective spatial resolution. Evidences for a significant role of the surface barrier were obtained: the asymmetric shape of the magnetization loops and an anomalous change in the slope of H-p(T) close to T-c.


Room-temperature scanning Hall probe microscope (RT-SHPM) imaging of garnet films using new high-performance InSb sensors
Oral, Ahmet; DEDE, M; MASUDA, H; OKAMOTO, A; SHİBASAKİ, I; SANDHU, A (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2002-09-01)
High-performance InSb micro-HaIl sensors were fabricated by optical lithography and incorporated in a room-temperature scanning Hall probe microscope for imaging of localized magnetic fluctuations in close proximity to the surfaces of crystalline uniaxial garnet films. The room-temperature noise figure of the InSb sensors was 6-10 mG/v/Hz, which is an order of magnitude better than GaAs-AlGaAs two-dimensional electron gas sensors used to date.
Low-field AC susceptibility in Pr1-xHoxMn2Ge2
Kilic, A.; Kervan, N.; Kervan, S.; Gencer, Ayşenur; Ozkan, H. (Elsevier BV, 2007-01-01)
We report the structure and magnetic properties of Pr1-xHoxMn2Ge2 (0.0 <= x <= 1.0) germanides by means of X-ray diffraction (XRD), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) techniques and AC magnetic susceptibility measurements. All compounds crystallize in the ThCr2Si2-type structure with the space group I 4/mmm. Substitution of Ho for Pr leads to a linear decrease in the lattice constants and the unit cell volume. The samples with x = 0 and x = 0.8 have spin reorientation temperature. The results are colle...
Mixed conduction and anisotropic single oscillator parameters in low dimensional TlInSe2 crystals
QASRAWI, ATEF FAYEZ HASAN; Hasanlı, Nızamı (Elsevier BV, 2013-08-15)
Due to the importance of the TlInSe2 crystal as neutron and gamma-ray detectors, its electrical and dispersive optical parameters have been investigated. Particularly, the anisotropic current conduction mechanism in the temperature region of 100-350 K and the room temperature anisotropic dispersive optical properties were studied by means of electrical conductivity and optical reflectance, respectively. It has been shown that the mixed conduction is the most dominant transport mechanism in the TlInSe2 cryst...
RT-SHPM imaging of permalloy microstructures and garnet films using new high performance InSb sensors
Kaval, M.; Oral, Ahmet; Dede, M.; Sandhu, A. (2002-01-01)
Scanning Hall probe microscopy (SHPM) is a quantitative and noninvasive technique to image magnetic samples with high spatial and magnetic field resolution: ∼120 nm & 6×10-6T/√(Hz) at room temperature. A sub-micron Hall probe is scanned over the sample surface to measure the surface magnetic fields using conventional scanning tunneling microscopy-positioning techniques. We have developed new low noise, high performance InSb Hall sensors for room temperature scanning Hall probe microscopy (RT-SHPM), which ha...
Grain boundary doping strengthens nanocrystalline copper alloys
Özerinç, Sezer; Vo, Nhon Q.; BELLON, Pascal; Averback, Robert S.; King, William P. (2012-10-01)
Nanoindentation hardness measurements were performed on nanocrystalline (nc-) Cu alloys to test recent molecular dynamics predictions that (i) solute segregation to grain boundaries can lead to significant strengthening and (ii) solutes with large size mismatch with Cu are most effective. Results show that the hardness of nc-Cu90Nb10 is greater than 5 GPa, more than double that of pure nc-Cu, whereas similar additions of Fe solute have nearly no effect. These results are in good agreement with simulations. ...
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V. Mihalache, M. Dede, A. Oral, and L. Miu, “Bean-Livingston surface barriers for flux penetration in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta single crystals near the transition temperature,” PHYSICA C-SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND ITS APPLICATIONS, vol. 471, no. 19-20, pp. 563–565, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: