Blockchain in project management: a systematic review of use cases and a design decision framework

Sönmez, Rifat
Ahmadisheykhsarmast, Salar
Blockchain presents a novel technology for improving existing paradigms in a wide span of domains, including project management. In this paper, we first review the state of the art blockchain use cases in project management to reveal the current status of blockchain research and to identify the blockchain application domains in project management. We then present a framework based on the review results, to guide implementers and researchers on blockchain design decisions about privacy, transparency, decentralization, blockchain type, and platform decisions, which are unique for a particular project management domain. The review results indicate that blockchain includes a variety of unique properties simultaneously, and presents multiple contributions for management of projects. However, technical blockchain design decisions are crucial for maximizing the benefits of the blockchain systems. The proposed novel framework enables a structured methodology for resolving crucial technical design decisions for maximizing the benefits of blockchain systems in project management and the review provides directions to the new blockchain research.


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