An overview of the adaptation process of the Instructors to ERT at METU SFL

International Conference on Research in Applied Linguistics


An Overview of the Adaptation Process of the Instructors to Emergency Remote Teaching during the COVID 19 pandemic period at Middle East Technical University School of Foreign Languages
Erkan, Gokce; Balbay, Seher (null; 2020-10-26)
An overview of the role of retrofitted instruments in dam safety
Yanmaz, Ali Melih (null; 2008-09-15)
An Overview of Platform Types Used in Floating Wind Energy
Uzunoğlu, Emre; Oğuz, Elif; Guedes Soares, Carlos (2021-09-18)
This paper provides an overview of the platform types used in floating wind power. It starts by defining the forces on the platforms, proceeds to discuss the fundamentals and primary types (i.e., semisubmersibles, SPARs, tension leg platforms, and barges). A categorisation is given based on their stability methods, and their resonance characteristics are explained as one of the primary design considerations. Each hull form has advantages and disadvantages. They are explained to provide a basis of und...
An overview of underground coal gasification and its applicability for Turkish lignite
Pekpak, E.; Yoncaci, S.; Kilic, M. G. (2010-05-26)
It is accepted that coal is going to maintain its significance as an energy source for longer time than oil and natural gas. Environmental concerns brought about the concept of clean coal technologies in the recent years. Coal gasification is one of the clean coal technologies. It may be applied on the surface for the mined coal or in-situ. Gasification of coal in-situ is called "Underground coal gasification" (UCG) and has several advantages over surface gasification and conventional mining. UCG provides l...
An overview on the main stratigraphic and structural features of a geothermal area: the case of Nazilli- Buharkent section of the Buyuk Menderes Graben, SW Turkey
Kocyigit, Ali (2015-07-03)
The study area is Nazilli-Buharkent section of the Buyuk Menderes Graben. This is one of the most active intracontinental extensional structures shaping the south-western Anatolian graben-horst system, which comprises the southwestern frontal part of the Anatolian platelet. The Buyuk Menderes Graben is about 3-30km wide, 170km long and approximately E-W-trending depression included in the back-arc section of the northerly-dipping south Aegean-Cyprian subduction zone. The Buyuk Menderes Graben of episodic or...
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