An investigation of how language teachers develop their online teacher identity

Kaçakoğlu, Cansu
This qualitative case study aimed to investigate how English language teachers develop their online teacher identities during the emergency remote teaching utilizing Yazan’s (2018) theoretical framework as a lens. The primary source of data was collected through two different semi-structured interviews of 10 English language teachers who were working at a private secondary school. Data were triangulated through semi-structured interviews of internal observers and document analysis. All data were audio-recorded and transcribed. The data were analyzed using the software program MAXQDA. A thematic analysis method was utilized in the data analysis process. The findings were presented with five main themes: teachers’ self-efficacy in the online teaching context, teacher learning during the online teaching process, teachers’ interaction with others, teachers’ teaching experience in the online context, and teachers’ emotion during online teaching. The results indicated that English Language teachers develop their online teacher identities by building their self-efficacy to feel more confident about their online teaching, by continuing to learn through their own efforts and through professional learning opportunities, by interacting with the significant others, and by experiencing online teaching and identifying their emotions.


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C. Kaçakoğlu, “An investigation of how language teachers develop their online teacher identity,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2022.