Construction Techniques of Traditional Tirilye Houses

Doğan Tavas, Özge
Studies on construction techniques of historical buildings are critical in terms of giving significant information about the architecture, structure, material selection, spatial organization, relationship with the place, and creative architectural solutions against existing problems of the studied buildings. Tirilye houses, which form the historical fabric of the settlement, represent the tradition of the period with their construction systems, material choices, and architectural features. This study aims to create reliable information about the construction technique and material usage of the traditional Tirilye houses. For this purpose, a literature survey on the history and general characteristics of Tirilye is made. Planning and conservation activities for the Tirilye settlement are investigated. In this study, the characteristics of the Tirilye houses are defined in relation to the environment and its local characteristics. The traditional Tirilye houses, which preserve their authenticity, are selected according to the legibility and richness of the construction techniques used, and the system details are documented in specific scales. Till today, several academic studies about the Tirilye settlement have been made. However, there is no specific research focusing on the construction techniques of traditional Tirilye houses. Declared as an urban site by the Bursa Cultural and Natural Heritage Preservation Board in 1981, Tirilye settlement acquired the Development Plan for Protection in 1990. However, traditional houses face the danger of negligence and unconscious intervention. Therefore, it is essential to document the traditional construction techniques of Tirilye houses to be used in later conservation interventions and transfer the knowledge to the future.


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Ö. Doğan Tavas, “Construction Techniques of Traditional Tirilye Houses,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2021.