Increasing the drawbar pull of Başak tractor for arid land cultivation: A theoretical investigation of iron wheel

Mohammed Musa, Abdılkadir


Increasing the Bandwidth Frequency by Coulomb Friction Compensation Method in Electromechanical Control Actuation Systems
YERLİKAYA, ÜMİT; Balkan, Raif Tuna (2019-07-08)
In this study, it is aimed to increase the bandwidth frequency of an electromechanical control actuation system by Coulomb friction compensation method. The actuation system consists of a brushless direct current motor, ball screw and lever mechanism. Both linear and nonlinear mathematical models of the system were obtained. The non-linear model was confirmed by real-time testing of a prototype. The friction torque coefficient of the prototype and the Coulomb friction torque due to its angular position were...
Increasing solids content of nanopowder suspensions and the density of green bodies thereof
Çınar, Simge (2019-06-18)
Reducing the Electrical Size of Magnetic Metamaterial Resonators by Geometrical Modifications: A Comparative Study for Single-Sided and Double-Sided Multiple SRR, Spiral and U-Spiral Resonators
Ekmekci, Evren; Sayan, Gönül (2008-07-11)
Increasing the Lifetime of Flash Memories Using Multi-Dimensional Graph-Based Codes
Hareedy, Ahmed; Kuditipudi, Rohith; Calderbank, Robert (2019-08-01)
© 2019 IEEE.In order to meet the demands of data-hungry applications, data storage devices are required to be increasingly denser. Various sources of error appear with this increase in density. Multi-dimensional (MD) graph-based codes are capable of mitigating error sources like interference and channel non-uniformity in dense storage devices. Recently, a technique was proposed to enhance the performance of MD spatially-coupled codes that are based on circulants. The technique carefully relocates circulants...
Increasing the potentials of conventional waterflooding by preventation of channeling.
Özdemir, Ali Rıza; Department of Mining Engineering (1975)
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A. Mohammed Musa, “Increasing the drawbar pull of Başak tractor for arid land cultivation: A theoretical investigation of iron wheel,” Middle East Technical University, 1994.