Investigating the relationship between teacher leadership and social justice leadership

Andıç Seyhan, İzel
Teacher leadership has become essential in education and social justice issues have come into prominence recently because of the changes in every area of the life. As there is a limitation of the studies focusing on the relationship between teacher leadership and social justice leadership in Turkish context, the current study tried to find whether teacher leadership predicts the social justice leadership roles. Within the frame of this goal, a correlational study design was set. The sample of the study consisted of 585 participants working at primary, middle and high schools affiliated to MoNE. By applying the convenience-sampling method, the data were collected through questionnaires administered face-to-face. Instruments included Teacher Leadership Questionnaire and Social Justice Leadership Questionnaire. Hierarchical multiple regression was applied to analyze the collected data and the results indicated that institutional improvement and professional improvement dimensions of teacher leadership have a relationship with the dimensions of social justice leadership and proved that social justice cannot be separated from teacher leadership roles to some extent. In this way, the study may lead to the increment of displayed leadership roles on social justice issues and fill the gap between theory and practice. The study implies that teachers demonstrate leadership roles depending on their willingness and moral values although there are no formal and legal regulations. Furthermore, the study may help the school principals and policymakers arrange the regulations related to leadership on social justice in the field of education.


Kalaycıoğlu, Beste; Bayırbağ, Mustafa Kemal; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2022-2)
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