Nimet Alımlı

Graduate School of Marine Sciences
Towards multi-element characterization of marine metal nanoparticles: First results from the suboxic zone of the Black Sea
Yücel, Mustafa; Alımlı, Nimet; Borovinskaya, Olga; Demir, Naim Yağız; Cura, Hilal; Tanner, Martin; Djurdjevic, Smilja (2023-07-13)
Transition metals serve as electron acceptors in microbial respiration and as electron donors in chemosynthesis to drive ecosystems. Furthermore, they act as catalytic centers for metabolic processes in all areas of life. ...
Benthic Iron Redox Mobilization Via Iron Reductive Respiration in Low Oxygen Seas: The Case of The Sea of Marmara
Alımlı, Nimet; Yücel, Mustafa (2023-07-13)
Marine iron dynamics play important roles in primary production and in the cycling of other important chemical species such as C, O, N, P, Mn, and S. The benthic component of the marine iron cycle, in particular, exhibits ...
Western Black Sea suboxic layer biogeochemical structure during the December 2022 R/V Bilim Expedition
Yücel, Mustafa; Alımlı, Nimet; Cura, Hilal; Demir, Naim Yağız; Myroshnychenko, Volodymyr; Fach Salihoğlu, Bettina Andrea; Arkın, Şadi Sinan; Tuğrul, Süleyman; Salihoğlu, Barış (2023-07-12)
The Black Sea is a unique semi-enclosed basin with ten sizable rivers flowing into a highly connected coastal-deep sea system, adding anthropogenically generated nutrients and pollutants, fueling the biggest anoxic-sulfidi...
Phosphorus build-up, nitrogen loss and sulfide accumulation in response to recent deep-water deoxygenation in the Sea of Marmara
Yücel, Mustafa; Örek, Hasan; Alımlı, Nimet; Mantıkçı, Mustafa; Özhan, Koray; Fach Salihoğlu, Bettina Andrea; Tezcan, Devrim; Örek, Yeşim; Kalkan, Evrim; Arkın, Şadi Sinan; Salihoğlu, Barış (2023-07-11)
The global trend of growing marine dead zones continues despite increased awareness and the development of relevant legislation, drastically changing the phosphorus cycle in the marine environment. Recent years have seen t...
Organic carbon distributions and carbon burial in a modern Proterozoic ocean analogue: the Sea of Marmara
Yücel, Mustafa; Alımlı, Nimet; Gülmez, Zeray Ayral; Cura, Hilal; Demir, Naim Yağız (2023-07-10)
It is now widely accepted that Proterozoic oceans were anoxic or hypoxic at depth, with sulfide accumulations possible in nearshore oceans. While the broad strokes of our understanding of how carbon burial occurred and how...
Anoksik/Sulfidik İzmit Körfezi’nde Fırsatçı Foraminifer Virgulinella fragilis Grindel ve Collen
Tanık, Gamze; Altıner, Sevinç; Yücel, Mustafa; Alımlı, Nimet; Akçay, Ismail (2023-04-14)
Virgulinella fragilis Grindel ve Collen (1976) türü coğrafi olarakbirbirinden ayrık bölgelerde, yoğunlukla oksijensiz ve hidrojensülfürlü dip suyu koşullarında bulunan bir foraminifer türüdür.Bu tür, hücre içinde kleptopla...
Seafloor iron mobilization across the deep-water redox gradients of the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara
Alımlı, Nimet; Yücel, Mustafa (2022-05-23)
Iron is one of the most important redox-sensitive elements in marine systems. A better understanding of the marine iron cycle is urgently needed for many scientific questions, including the evolution of ancient co-factors ...
Recent oxygen loss and redox-dependent alteration of seafloor iron, sulfur, nitrogen and phosphorus biogeochemistry in the Sea of Marmara.
Yücel, Mustafa; AKÇAY, İSMAİL; Özkan, Korhan; Örek, Hasan; Tezcan, Devrim; Özhan, Koray; Fach Salihoğlu, Bettina Andrea; Alımlı, Nimet; SEVGEN, SERHAT; Mantıkçı, Mustafa; SALİHOĞLU, BARIŞ; HÜSREVOĞLU, YUSUF SİNAN (2020-02-20)
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