What Does the Local Participate in? Governance of Neoliberal Nature Production in Jamaica.

Society For Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting, Santa Fe, New Mexico


What does the Turkish bureaucracy represent? Manifestation of the state-society relationship in the meaning worlds of the bureaucrats
Sayın, Çağkan; Aksoy, Şinasi; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2006)
This dissertation is an exploratory research that analyzes the representation of the state and its relationship with society in the meaning worlds of the Turkish bureaucrats. Accordingly, the research question of this dissertation has to do with political representation in the mindsets of bureaucratic actors. Regarding this question, we focused on the theory of representative bureaucracy and addressed its inadequacies in analyzing the issue of bureaucratic representation. In our view, representation is a ph...
What Constitutes a Rural Area? Who Are the Villagers? Planning Space in the Changing Realities of the Rural Development Paradigm
Ayalp, Ekrem (2014-05-11)
In this paper, changing and transforming conditions not only of rural but also of peasants as a thought, an imagination and a representation are exhibited. What kind of changing potentials do these new conditions present for physical planning, as being an art of intervention to place, and its understanding and practices? The aim of this paper is to search for the possibilities of answering this question. Study is composed of two main parts. Development discourse refers to the process of articulating knowled...
What Determines REIT Returns in Turkey? An Application of Time-Varying Arbitrage Pricing Model in an Emerging REIT Market
EROL, Işıl; İLERİ, Adem (Iktisat Isletme ve Finans Dergisi, 2013-9-30)
This paper investigates the macroeconomic sources of time-varying risk premia in Turkish REIT industry within the arbitrage pricing theory framework Turkish REIT industry differs substantially from the global REIT market as Turkish REITs do not have to pay out dividends, yet enjoy the exemption from paying corporate taxes, and have highly concentrated ownership structure. These fundamental differences have significant impacts on the performance of REITs compared to other stocks listed on Borsa Istanbul (BIS...
What does the Concept of “21st Century Skills” Mean to Us?
Tanrıverdi Köksal, Fatma (2017-09-08)
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