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What Constitutes a Rural Area? Who Are the Villagers? Planning Space in the Changing Realities of the Rural Development Paradigm

Ayalp, Ekrem
In this paper, changing and transforming conditions not only of rural but also of peasants as a thought, an imagination and a representation are exhibited. What kind of changing potentials do these new conditions present for physical planning, as being an art of intervention to place, and its understanding and practices? The aim of this paper is to search for the possibilities of answering this question. Study is composed of two main parts. Development discourse refers to the process of articulating knowledge and power through which particular concepts, theories, and practices for social change are created and reproduced. In the scope of this paper, in the first part, development paradigms are examined. Through an attempt by making a critique of various forms of determinism; technological, economic, structural dependencies are brought into question. In the second part, a debate for the ongoing transformation of traditional agriculture is made. While new regulations on agricultural institutional formations and market structures are the points in question, I search for required new insights in rural area management and rural planning in Turkey.