Rethinking Political Resistance and Spatial Appropriation through Gezi Protests

The Emergence of Political Disobedience: Revisiting Political Resistance


Rethinking Global Migration Practices Policies and Discourse in the European Neighbourhood
Erdemir, Aykan; Zırh, Besim Can (null, 2008-01-01)
Rethinking citizenship, immigration and refugee admissions from an ethics of immigration perspective
Türkmen, Fulya Felicity; Birler, Reşide Ömür; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2018)
As the world witnesses the biggest wide scale displacement and mass immigration movement of 21st century, we need to rethink the political theory and ethics of immigration. In this context, it is important that we need to understand and explain the concept of citizenship and its evolution. The questions like How is citizenship defined in the modern state and what is the importance of social contract in this context? How is the status of the non-citizen defined and what are the criteria for new membership? w...
Rethinking the architectural design process through its computable body of knowledge
Ergun, Eser; Özkar, Mine; Department of Architecture (2008)
This thesis assumes the architectural design process as a systematic study, in which knowledge is stored, organized and operated on by computational methods. From this perspective, the study explores the efforts for systemizing the architectural design process. Firstly, the focus is on the early approaches of systemizing design in the Design Methods Movement. The thesis identifies and evaluates the use of a number of critical concepts in this movement and in recent architecture practice, in order to see the...
Rethinking gender stereotypes: a queer eye to home
Süner Pla Cerda, Sedef; Kaygan, Harun (2013-05-10)
Reconstructing Probabilistic Realism: Re-enacting Syntactical Structures
Davoody Benı, Majıd (2020-06-01)
Probabilistic realism and syntactical positivism were two among outdated theories that Feigl criticised on account of their semantical poverty. In this paper, I argue that a refined version of probabilistic realism, which relies on what Feigl specified as the pragmatic description of the symbolic behaviour of scientists' estimations and foresight, is defendable. This version of statistical realism does not need to make the plausibility of realist thesis dependent on the conventional acceptance of a construc...
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