The flexural vibration of rectangular mindlin plates with point supports

Gürkan, Rıza Berkant


The Plastic Deformation of the concrete.
Cankat, Mustafa; Department of Civil Engineering (1966)
The Nonlinear Evolution Of The Free-Electron Laser Amplifiers With Both Tapered Planar Wiggler And Axial Guide magnetic Fields
Abu-Safa, Mustafa Abdulmajeed; Bilikmen, Sinan K.; Department of Physics (1989)
The Radar Application of Micro Doppler Features from Human Motions
ALEMDAROGLU, Ozge Topuz; Candan, Çağatay; Koç, Seyit Sencer (2015-05-15)
This study aims to experimentally investigate the feasibility of discriminating human motions with the help of micro Doppler features by using radar. In the first phase of the work, the synthetic data is generated through the human walking simulator by V. Chen and different time-frequency transformations are applied on the data and the results of the simulator are compared with field experiments. In the following phase, several field experiments which are in the scope of the simulator are conducted and the ...
The influence of some dimensional factors and of elastic foundation support on fatigue of asphalt concrete.
Yüce, Rüştü; Monismith, C. L.; Department of Civil Engineering (1972)
The effects of a submerged non-erodible triangular obstacle on bottom propagating gravity currents
Tokyay, Talia; Constantinescu, George (2015-05-01)
The flow induced by a compositional (e.g., temperature or salinity driven) gravity current propagating over a fixed non-erodible triangular bottom-mounted obstacle is investigated based on 3-D large eddy simulations. The paper discusses how the flow physics (e.g., type and characteristics of the reflected bore, dynamics of flow instabilities affecting mixing, and turbulence structure) and main flow variables (e.g., the proportion of the flow advected over the obstacle, the height of the reflected flow and s...
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R. B. Gürkan, “The flexural vibration of rectangular mindlin plates with point supports,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.