Kuru, Kerem
This thesis aims to investigate Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy of colour in detail. His main claim is that it is necessary to grasp the logical grammar of colour concepts called the geometry of colour or the mathematic of colour by Wittgenstein in order to understand colours. In this thesis, the complex usages of colour concepts, which he does not adequately describe in the Remarks on Colour, are explained by considering his debates on colour blindness. This thesis discusses some samples that demonstrated how achromatopsia patients use colour concepts in daily languages in order to understand Wittgenstein’s argument of the language–games about colours. In this way, this thesis suggests different points of view about the state of colour concepts in our lives by examining the relationship between Wittgenstein’s ideas and the effects of perceptual and visual diseases on language ability.


The Concept of disinterestedness in modern philosophy of art: Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and Heidegger
Akkökler Karatekeli, Büşra; Turan, Şeref Halil; Department of Philosophy (2016)
This thesis aims to investigate the concept of disinterestedness in the modern philosophy of art. To this end, I firstly attempt to elucidate how this concept is described and gained its specific meaning in Kant. Then, I focus on Schopenhauer’s salient contribution to the discussion of aesthetic disinterestedness – thought along with his metaphysics –, namely the body, and attempt to bring into view the relation between the body and aesthetic disinterestedness. In the following, I investigate how Nietzsche’...
Study of modeling of water saturation in archie and non-archie porous media
Dalkhaa, Chantsalmaa; Okandan, Ender; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2005)
The aim of this thesis is to study water saturation models available in the literature and to apply a proper one to a real field case. Archie equation is the most well-known water saturation model. However, it is formulated on some assumptions and is applicable to only clean sands. Archie equation cannot be used for shaly formation. There are many shaly water saturation models that account for shale effect for water saturation estimation. In this study, 3 wells, namely Well-01, Well-02 and Well-03 are studi...
Assessment of reservoir rock and fluid data for Black Oil Simulation – a case study
Susuz, Onur; Parlaktuna, Mahmut; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2009)
Reservoir simulation studies are one of the key tools in an integrated reservoir management study. A successful reservoir simulation application requires representative input data for reservoir rock and fluid properties. This study aims to develop a road map from laboratory measurements to the input data file of reservoir simulation and to make a probabilistic approach for the estimation of unknown parameters. Raw data of reservoir rock and fluid properties of a selected oil field of Turkey will be interpre...
Kant's dichotomic philosophy in the critique of judgement
Bal, Metin; Ceylan, Yasin; Department of Philosophy (2002)
This thesis concentrates mainly on Kant's aesthetic philosophy namely on the third Critique, The Critique of Judgement. Throughout his first two Critiques Kant focuses his attention on the most sublime end (eternal peace) and on the ideas of reason (freedom, God, soul). In the first and second Critiques ideas had not been proved to be used with legacy. Thus, this illegal attitude of reason became a wideknown 'gap' of Kant's philosophy. In The Critique of Practical Reason, sensibility is still neglected so t...
An attempt to make a definition of existence and constructing a foundation for an axiomatic system of ontology
Çağatay, Hasan; Grünberg, Teo; Department of Philosophy (2007)
This thesis aims to make an analysis of the concepts of ‘existence’. It also constructs four new definitions based on the concept of ‘effect’ for different concepts of beings. By reasoning based on these definitions and some pre-suppositions, a foundation for an axiomatic system of ontology is tried to construct.
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K. Kuru, “COLOURS IN WITTGENSTEIN’S PHILOSOPHY,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2022.