Development of a piezoelectric tool actuator for turning applications

Köksal, Ömer


Development of a piezoelectric actuator to be used in piston manufacturing
Kırımlıoğlu, Sedat Savaş; Anlağan, Ömer; Kılıç, Engin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1996)
Development of anodes for direct oxidation of methane fuel in solid oxide fuel cells
Akdeniz, Yelda; Timurkutluk, Bora; Timurkutluk, Cigdem (2016-06-22)
In addition to pure hydrogen, solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) can utilize hydrocarbons as a fuel. However, conventional Ni-based anodes exhibit an excellent catalytic activity towards the hydrocarbon cracking reaction and thus the carbon deposition occurs in the anode. The deposited carbons quickly deactivate the anode irreversibly by covering the active surface of the anode catalyst. As a result, a significant degradation in the cell performance can be seen. In this study, the anode structure is modified by...
Development of a Laser diode fiber Optic Fluorometer for in situ Phytoplankton Measurement
Baytekin, Hasan Tarık; Gökmen, Ali (null; 1997-09-21)
Development of a stereo vision system for an industrial robot
Bayraktar, Hakan; Kaftanoğlu, Bilgin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2004)
The aim of this thesis is to develop a stereo vision system to locate and classify objects moving on a conveyor belt. The vision system determines the locations of the objects with respect to a world coordinate system and class of the objects. In order to estimate the locations of the objects, two cameras placed at different locations are used. Image processing algorithms are employed to extract some features of the objects. These features are fed to stereo matching and classifier algorithms. The results of...
Development of measurement and calibration system for fiber optic gyro signals using a DSP
Dinçer, Erdim Ufuk; Ergül, Rüyal; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2000)
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Ö. Köksal, “Development of a piezoelectric tool actuator for turning applications,” Middle East Technical University, 1995.