Pre-concentration of scandium contained in serpentinite by Falcon concentrator

Altınsel, Yiğit
Sarılar, Sena
Altun, Naci Emre
Topkaya, Yavuz
Yılmaz, Orhan
3rd Conference on European Rare Earth Resources


Pre-ozonation of aqueous azo dye (Acid Red-151) followed by activated sludge process
Gokcen, Fulya; Ozbelge, Tulay A. (Elsevier BV, 2006-10-15)
In this study, the efficiency of the integrated process was investigated in which the pre-ozonation step was followed by activated sludge process (ASP) in treating the aqueous Acid Red-151 (AR 151) solutions. The percent dye removal in the integrated process was found to be 47% for a pre-ozonation time of 30 min, instead of 25% in the singly ASP without pre-ozonation. The treatment efficiency of this process could be higher if the pre-ozonation time of 120 min yielding maximum enhancement of biodegradabilit...
Pre-positioning of relief items under road/facility vulnerability with concurrent restoration and relief transportation
Aslan, Ece; Çelik, Melih (2019-08-03)
Planning for response to sudden-onset disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or floods needs to take into account the inherent uncertainties regarding the disaster and its impacts on the affected people as well as the logistics network. This article focuses on the design of a multi-echelon humanitarian response network, where the pre-disaster decisions of warehouse location and item pre-positioning are subject to uncertainties in relief item demand and vulnerability of roads and facilities following the...
Co-combustion of coal and olive cake in a fluidized bed with limestone addition and freeboard extension
Akpulat, Onur; Atımtay, Aysel; Department of Environmental Engineering (2009)
In this study, flue gas emissions and combustion efficiencies during combustion and co-combustion of olive cake and coal are investigated in a bubbling fluidized bed with an inside diameter of 102 mm and a height of 900 mm and 1900 mm. Tunçbilek lignite coal and Edremit olive cake were used in the experiments as fuels. Temperature distributions along the combustion column were continuously measured. Flue gas concentrations of O2, CO, SO2 and NOx were measured during combustion experiments. Four sets of expe...
Co-firing of pine chips with Turkish lignites in 750 kWth circulating fluidized bed combustion system
Atımtay, Aysel; Unlu, Alper; Engin, Berrin; Varol, Murat; OLGUN, HAYATİ; Atakül, Hüsnü (2017-01-01)
Two Turkish lignites which have different sulfur levels (2-2.9% dry) and ash levels (17-25% dry) were combusted with a Turkish forest red pine chips in a 750 kW-thermal capacity circulating fluidized bed combustor (CFBC) system. The combustion temperature was held at 850 +/- 50 degrees C. Flue gas emissions were measured by Gasmet DX-4000 flue gas analyzer. Two lignites were combusted alone, and then limestone was added to lignites to reduce SO2 emissions. Ca/S = 3 was used. 30% percent of red pine chips we...
Co-combustion of olive cake with lignite coal in a circulating fluidized bed
Atımtay, Aysel (Elsevier BV, 2004-05-01)
In this study, olive cake (OC) was co-fired with coal in a circulating fluidized bed of 125 mm diameter and 1800 mm height. Olive cake is a waste from olive oil production. A lignite coal that is most widely used in Turkey (Tuncbilek lignite) was used together with OC and the combustion characteristics of olive cake (OC) + coal mixture were investigated. The combustion experiments were carried out with various excess air ratios. The excess air ratio, A, has been changed between 1.1 and 2.16. Temperature dis...
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Y. Altınsel, S. Sarılar, N. E. Altun, Y. Topkaya, and O. Yılmaz, “Pre-concentration of scandium contained in serpentinite by Falcon concentrator,” presented at the 3rd Conference on European Rare Earth Resources, 2020, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: