Rescuing The Turkish Jews in France and Italy from The Holocaust During The Second World War and The Turkish State Policy within the Perspective of Reelpolitik

Bağcı, Hüseyin
Kurkcu, Burak
In this study, the official policy of the Republic of Turkey for rescuing the Turkish Jews in France and Italy from the Holocaust has been investigated. The allegations that are frequently expressed in the literature are in the direction of the personal efforts of Turkish diplomats, who have shown individual efforts by acting contrary to the state's official policy. As a result of the examination of archival documents and personal correspondence with the Yad Vashem organization, it is concluded in this paper that, contrary to those allegations, Turkish diplomats carried out these rescue attempts with the direct instructions received from the center within the framework of the official policy of the Turkish state. Archival documents of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and statements of Turkish diplomats are compiled from original documents published by Bilal Simsir and Stanford Shaw.


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