Factors affecting sustainability indices and life cycle assessment of concrete containing rice husk ash: a database study

Öztürk, Ece
The rice husk ash (RHA), attained by burning the husk that is removed in the process of the production of rice, possesses high pozzolanic activity and therefore is a promising, supplementary cementitious material. The thesis comprises a large database comprising over 1000 data on the RHA incorporation in concrete to examine the principal sustainability components such as CO2 emissions, cost efficiency, and eco-strength efficiency, as well as to perform a comprehensive life cycle assessment attained during this practice. Independent determination of the boundary conditions played a vital role in both the sustainability and life cycle assessment. The results showed that the use of RHA along with the pozzolanic materials could lead to a 25% reduction in the CO2 emissions generated during the concrete production in conjunction with a 65% rise in the cost efficiency of such practices. Life cycle assessment has already shown that 30% RHA as cement replacement along with the 30% fly ash already resulted in a 59% reduction in a global warming potential along with the 46% reduction in ozone depletion. It was vital to perform the life cycle assessment to validate the preciseness of the sustainability analysis as well as to demonstrate that the results in both analyses are in a great correlation. The findings reported in this study do not only suggest significant sustainable consequences for the construction practice but also encourage greener waste management routes to be established for RHA.


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E. Öztürk, “Factors affecting sustainability indices and life cycle assessment of concrete containing rice husk ash: a database study,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2022.