Wind Turbine Modeling and Challenges

One field of Aerospace Engineering is wind turbines due to their aerodynamic and structural designs, etc. These machines are one of the prominent systems for electricity generation in the world. Now, more than 90 countries use wind turbines for their electrical demand. In wind power industry, one of the research and development area is modeling of turbines. This is because wind turbine models are very important during the turbine design stage. They are used to predict the performance of turbines, design turbine controllers, and develop new turbine controller/protection algorithms. Before mass production, they allow the designer to see the behaviour of turbines in time under various wind conditions such uniform, normal and turbulent winds, different air densities, with different structural angles, etc. In this talk, how to model a wind turbine system is going to be covered along with the challenges.
2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering


Curved beam strength and toughness of thin ply cfrp non crimp fabric laminates
Arca, Miray; Papila, Melih; Çöker, Demirkan (null; 2015-09-12)
Carbon fiber reinforced plastics are most widely used composite materials in aerospace and wind turbine industries. Their superior in plane properties with light weight structures and also ability to change and design the structure and form make composites preferable to metallic materials. Composites are applied to the primary load carrying members with complex and curved geometries with the new manufacturing techniques. On the other hand, failure mechanisms of composites are different and complicated than ...
Parameter Identification of Riveted Joints Using Vibration Methods
Altuntop, Elif; Aykan, Murat; Şahin, Melin (2015-02-05)
Rivets are widely used in several industries including aerospace, shipbuilding and construction. Aircraft components such as wings and fuselages are some examples of riveted structures. Accurate parameter identification of these joints is critical since excessive number of rivets is present in such structures. Furthermore, modeling structures with fasteners has always been a challenge since these members might show nonlinear behavior. In this study, the FEM of a continuous plate is constructed and modal tes...
Delamination-Debond Behaviour of Composite T-Joints in Wind Turbine Blades
Gulasik, H.; Çöker, Demirkan (2014-06-20)
Wind turbine industry utilizes composite materials in turbine blade structural designs because of their high strength/stiffness to weight ratio. T-joint is one of the design configurations of composite wind turbine blades. T-joints consist of a skin panel and a stiffener co-bonded or co-cured together with a filler material between them. T-joints are prone to delaminations between skin/stiffener plies and debonds between skin-stiffener-filler interfaces. In this study, delamination/debond behavior of a co-b...
Wind loads acting on solar panels in a row by CFD analysis
Uslu, Veysel Emre; Sarıtaş, Afşin; Uzol, Oğuz (null; 2016-08-28)
Wind loads acting on ground mounted solar panels are studied by computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis. In order to investigate wind loads acting on these panels, steady state SST k- turbulence model is considered in CFD analyses undertaken in this study. 2D and 3D numerical models are considered in the verification studies to assess the accuracy of the employed methods with respect to available data in the literature. Then, 2D CFD analysis is chosen due t...
Design Optimization of Variable Stiffness Composite Laminates Using Surrogate Models for Compliance and Buckling Load
İnci, Hasan; Kayran, Altan (2017-09-22)
Usage of composite materials in aerospace industry has never been so wide in our world. Starting from the development of composites, the analyses were only done for straight fiber composites. With the improved manufacturing capabilities, designers have the ability to design more complex shapes for composites, which allows more efficient structures. In the past two decades, variable stiffness (VS) composite laminates are introduced to the literature. Within these two decades, researchers working on VS concep...
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