A qualitative case study of ELT pre-service teachers: Gains of study abroad and perceptions of ICC

Temel, Büşra
This study investigated perceived gains of study abroad experiences and perceptions of ICC and interculturally competent speaker of pre-service English teachers with previous short-term Erasmus+ experiences. The cohort consisted of seven senior prospective teachers at METU who were in their last semester in the FLE program taking their practicum course. The researcher collected multiple forms of data via qualitative means: a background questionnaire, an online sharing platform (WhatsApp), two semi-structured interview protocols, written and performed practices of the participants’ practicum course documents such as assignments, observation tasks, lesson plans, and a video-teaching observation protocol. Their authentic work for this traineeship was used to triangulate the findings as it could further help to compare and contrast their self-reported perceptions of ICC and gains of studying abroad. The prospective teachers’ perceptions of ICC and interculturally competent speaker and their perceptions of developing ICC in Turkish settings were explored in-depth. The analysis of self-reported views further revealed that the participant prospective ELT teachers with Erasmus+ mobility experience perceived many contributions of this program to their life and multidimensional development. As common patterns among the individual accounts were sought, the analysis of their self-reported gains could be gathered under four sub-themes as in the following: (1) personal, (2) language, (3) intercultural and (4) academic and professional gains. Discrepancies between their perceived gains could be explained by their individual differences and the uniqueness of their study abroad experience, motivation, interest and/or efforts of engagement in intercultural communication during their time abroad.


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B. Temel, “A qualitative case study of ELT pre-service teachers: Gains of study abroad and perceptions of ICC,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2022.