Air quality impacts of various heating systems in Ankara

Yavuzdemir, Filiz


Air quality impacts of electricity use in domestic heating: A comparative study for Ankara
Kayin, S; Yavuzdemir, F (1997-09-26)
In this study, existing air quality affects of current domestic heating systems in comparison to the electricity use alternative in Ankara have been analysed. For the winter season 1991-1992 heat energy used in Ankara for domestic heating has been calculated. For the hypothetical case of electricity use instead of the current domestic heating systems in the city, Industrial Source Complex - Short Term dispersion model has been used for six site alternatives and for two different thermal power plant technolo...
Air pollution characteristics of Turkish lignites.
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Air Quality of the Black Sea Region: Local and Long Range Transported Pollutants
Alagha, Omar; Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal; Tosun, Suat (2003-02-01)
Catalysis has manifested its role as a fundamental tool in pollution prevention. While catalysis has long been utilized in increasing efficiency, yield, and selectivity, it is now also recognized as accomplishing a wide range of green chemistry goals. Air pollutants produced by industrial and man-made emissions possesses a unique property that it could affect regional and global receptors. Measuring and defining the levels of pollutants and its sources whether it is local, regional or global should precede ...
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F. Yavuzdemir, “Air quality impacts of various heating systems in Ankara,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.