Towards a framework of technological knowledge as content knowledge

Andzenge, Senenge T
Karahan, Engin
Ellis, Joshua


Towards a Process Capability Assessment Model for Government Domain
Gökalp, Ebru (2016-06-10)
Government Process Capability Determination Model is developed based on ISO/IEC 15504 by the authors in order to assess the extent of the processes to be consistently applied, managed, and controlled across governmental agencies. Government Process Reference Model consists of definitions of common processes across all governmental agencies as well as a generic process definition for agency-specific governmental processes. This study covers the development of the generic process definition in detail. AWL int...
Towards a model for representing verbal knowledge.
Betil, E. Ümit; Department of Philosophy (1985)
Towards an Embodied Developing Vision System
Atil, Ilkay; Kalkan, Sinan (2015-02-01)
Many cognitive scientists now agree that artificial cognition might be probably achieved developmentally, starting from a set of basic-level premature capabilities and incrementally self-extending itself with experience through discrete or continuous stages bred with experience. Although we are still far from seeing an artificial full-fledged self-extending cognitive system, the literature has provided promising examples and demonstrations. Nonetheless, not much thought is given to the modeling of how an ar...
Towards a Quality Service Layer for Web 2.0
Schaal, Markus; Davenport, David; Cevik, Ali Hamdi (2010-12-14)
Despite the help of search engines and Web directories, identifying high quality content becomes increasingly difficult as the Internet gets ever more crowded with information.
Towards A Systematic Articulation of the Concept of Work as the Creation of Value
Parkan, Barış (null, Oxford, 2015-01-01)
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