An Etic-Emic Conceptualization of Workplace Sexual Harassment: A Scale Development Study in Turkey

Toker, Yonca
Acar, Feride Pınar
Sümer, Hayriye Canan
Ok, Afife Başak
Göncü-Köse, Aslı
Karanfil, Derya
Çavdar, Dilara
Düzgün, Meltem


An Institutional analysis of the transformation of informal housing settlements in Turkey : a case study in the Şentepe neighbourhood of Ankara
Özdemirli, Yelda; Türel, Ali; Department of City and Regional Planning (2012)
Transformation of informal housing settlements by urban renewal and redevelopment has become one of the major tasks of Turkish urban policy in the last decades. Nevertheless, in some cases urban redevelopment could not be facilitated due to low level of investments; and moreover most of the transformed settlements are still problematic with added difficulties brought out by urban transformation itself such as lower levels of physical quality, gentrification or dislocation. Understanding the sources of these...
An approach for the identification of trip generation characteristics of households in Turkish cities: a case study of Ankara
Beyazıt, Sema; Menteş, Gökhan; Department of City Planning (1989)
An interdisciplinary approach in understanding internet as a practice : a case study of internet cafes in a small town
Uzuner, Demet; Tarhan, Belkız; Department of Science and Technology Policy Studies (2005)
This study aims at understanding how Internet being a particular technology, integrates into daily practices in a small town. By doing this, it follows a theoretically informed ethnography based research concluding that the relationship between technology and society cannot be grasped by analysing both as separate entities. Hence, it attempts to develop a theoretical and methodological framework that is constantly aware of problems raised by dualistic assumptions analysing technology-society or human-nonhum...
An Interpretative phenomenological analysis of meaning-making of infertility among infertile Turkish women: developing and testing the effectiveness of an online intervention program in meaning-making
Şimşek Alphan, Yeliz; Bozo Özen, Özlem; Department of Psychology (2018)
Infertility stands as a stressful life event affecting many individuals. The current study adopts a mixed-method design including a qualitative study followed by a quantitative study. The first study aimed to understand the subjective meaning of infertility and meaning making among infertile Turkish women by conducting an interpretative phenomenological analysis. Four themes were identified including ‘The sense of ideal woman: Self-sacrificing mother’, ‘The sense of infertility: The incomplete woman’, ‘Effo...
Sürdürülebilir Kentsel Korumanın Olabilirliği Üzerine Bir Yaklaşım Önerisi: Konya Tarihi Kent Merkezi Örneği
Özcan, Koray (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2009-12-15)
In the third millennium acknowledged as the urban millennium, the debates and studies on heritage conservation planning are focused on sustainable conservation-development strategies for the historic cities in particular. Reflections on the heritage conservation in the historic center of urban settlements, studies have evoked sustainable conservation-development strategies shaped with national and international tourism potentials depending on cultural tourism. The aim of this paper is to define conservatio...
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