A Promising Model for Teacher Training: A Study on the Impact and Implementation of an Electronic Mentoring Program



A Structural Model for Students' Adoption of Learning Management Systems: An Empirical Investigation in the Higher Education Context
FINDIK COŞKUNÇAY, Duygu; Alkis, Nurcan; Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi (2018-04-01)
With the recent advances in information technologies, Learning Management Systems have taken on a significant role in providing educational resources. The successful use of these systems in higher education is important for the implementation, management and continuous improvement of e-learning services to increase the quality of learning. This study aimed to identify the factors affecting higher education students' behavioral intention towards Learning Management Systems. A research model was proposed base...
A Contemporary approach to memorial design in the light of collective memory theory: guidelines for Ankara Train station square
Kesici, Deniz; Bilsel, Fatma Cânâ; Department of Architecture (2017)
In Turkey, the recent social events and manifestations, and especially the deadly terrorist attacks have given rise to a search for alternative means of conceptualizing collective memory and the role of memorials that are meant to keep collective memories alive. As all groups of individuals have their own memories, there is a need for a new understanding in the design of memorials in order to sustain collective memories of different social groups. In this study, following the theoretical framework, a number...
A multi-pronged approach to labor market flexibility: a survey on the Turkish context
Ayhan, H. Sinem; Voyvoda, Ebru; Department of Economics (2008)
Turkish labor market has been experiencing low employment performance over the last two decades. This pessimistic picture has become more striking after the crisis in 2001. While output growth has presented a rapid recovery, unemployment could not record such an improvement and has remained around 10 % since then. This fact has introduced a new phenomenon to Turkey called “jobless growth”. As a solution to the bottlenecks in the labor market, the concept of “flexibility” has been more frequently pronounced ...
A political approach to transitional justice: truthseeking mechanisms in south Africa and Guatemala
Kuru, Damla; Çırakman Deveci, Aslı; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2020)
Transitional justice aims to confront violent past, systematic and widespread human rights violations through its unique mechanisms. This thesis initially focuses on the literature developed on transitional justice practices and truthseeking mechanisms with a specific look at two cases. The literature has been dominated by a legalist approach, and due to it overwhelm, the evaluation of transitional justice process as a political phenomenon is inadequate. Although the application of its unique legal mechanis...
A critical approach to central bank independence : the case of the central bank of the Republic of Turkey
Ayhan, Berkay; Üstüner, Mustafa Yılmaz; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2008)
From the 1970s onwards, it is argued that central banks should be independent from politicians since the latter have an interest in seeking populist interventions to the conduct of the monetary policy. Additionally, it is often maintained that the sole aim of a central bank should be to seek price stability. Despite the seemingly neutral and objective tone of these arguments, central bank independence can find its meaning as a part of Neoliberalism, which restructured the economic administration of the stat...
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