Characterization of non-Fickian moisture absorption in thermosetting polymers

Güloğlu, Görkem Eğemen
Altan, M. Cengiz
© 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.A recently developed moisture absorption model for thermosetting polymers that combines the non-Fickian, diffusion hindrance effects and three-dimensional anisotropy is introduced. The hindered diffusion model is shown to predict both short term Fickian and long term anomalous moisture absorption behavior often observed in thermosetting polymers and their composites. The salient characteristics of long term moisture uptake such as the equilibrium moisture content and the effect of non-Fickian phenomena are presented. Anomalous moisture concentration profiles predicted by the two-dimensional solution of hindered diffusion model are demonstrated for various cases, including the through-the-thickness moisture profile of a 40-ply, quartz/bismaleimide (BMI) composite laminate. The effects of diffusion hindrance and anisotropy on the two-dimensional, through-the-thickness concentration profiles are illustrated. The moisture absorption parameters for an EPON 862 epoxy laminate are recovered from the experimental moisture absorption data. The hindered diffusion model is shown to accurately predict the moisture uptake of EPON 862 over the complete absorption time period. The non-Fickian effects governed by the hindrance coefficient are identified for both EPON 862 and quartz/BMI composite laminate. It is shown that the quartz/BMI laminate displays significant non-Fickian behavior compared to EPON 862 epoxy resin.
30th International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society, PPS 2014


Experimental and theoretical investigation of non-Fickian moisture absorption of quartz/BMI laminates fabricated by preconditioned prepregs
Güloğlu, Görkem Eğemen; Hurdelbrink, Keith R.; Anderson, Jacob P.; Altan, M. Cengiz (2016-03-09)
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