Mete, Bengisu
The objective of this thesis is twofold. First, the work intends to show that the commonly discussed fact-value dichotomy, which begins with Hume‘s famous is-ought paragraph, cannot be solved by meta-ethical theories that defend the traditional interpretation by treating the issue as purely a matter of logical deducibility or that merely dwell on moral words and concepts without offering practical solutions. In this context, after examining the parts of Hume‘s moral philosophy that do and do not comply with the traditional interpretation, reflections on the problem of meta-ethical theories are discussed. This analysis is presented through prominent thinkers who advocate non-cognitivist and cognitivist views. Alfred Jules Ayer and Charles Stevenson are analyzed for non-cognitivism, while Moritz Schlick and George Edward Moore are examined with regard to naturalism and intuitionism. The views studied here necessitate the investigation of two more philosophers who approach cognitivism and non-cognitivism from different angles. In this way, Mackie and Hare are analyzed in the context of the fact-value problem. Two fundamental challenges arise, one of which is essentialism, and the other is the irrationality of moral judgments related to the fact-value problem. Thus, the necessity of a theory that will both eliminate essentialism and defend the rationality of moral statements emerges. The second aim of this study, based on the idea that dissolving the dichotomy can only be understood within the context of historicity and teleology of the relationship between ―what is‖ and ―what ought to be‖, is to discuss MacIntyre‘s neo-Aristotelian approach critically.


Systems thinking skills of preschool children in early childhood education contexts of Turkey and Germany
Feriver Gezer, Şebnem; Olgan, Refika; Teksöz, Gaye; Department of Early Childhood Education (2018)
The goal of this thesis is two-fold. The first goal is to conceptualize nature of the systems thinking skills of 4- to 6-year-old preschool children. Accordingly, an individual story reading and interview session was realized with 52 Turkish and German children. Then the nature of the children’s systems thinking skills were conceptualized by making use of a developmental rubric which was created as part of this study. The second goal of this study is to explore potential educational contextual key variables...
New methods for decentralised sensor fusion and extended target tracking models
Köksal, Hilal; Özkan, Emre; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2022-12-16)
The focus of this thesis is two-fold; the first study investigates the use of student-t distribution for the decentralised multi-sensor fusion problem. Multi-sensor fusion can suffer from several artefacts such as low channel capacity, delays in the communication channels, the correlation in the acquired information and sensor biases. When combined with these artefacts, the errors in the local sensors’ estimates can result in conflicting information at the fusion center. Such conflicts may later be resolved...
Investigation of the significance of periodicity information in speaker identification
Gürsoy, Seçil; Çiloğlu, Tolga; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2008)
In this thesis; general feature selection methods and especially the use of periodicity and aperiodicity information in speaker verification task is searched. A software system is constructed to obtain periodicity and aperiodicity information from speech. Periodicity and aperiodicity information is obtained by using a 16 channel filterbank and analyzing channel outputs frame by frame according to the pitch of that frame. Pitch value of a frame is also found by using periodicity algorithms. Parzen window (ke...
Cüyaz, Mehmet Taylan; Grünberg, David; Department of Philosophy (2022-2-01)
This thesis is intended to achieve two main goals. First, it evaluates the historical development and the philosophical outcomes of the different semantic theories. This evaluation will comprise selected works that represent different kinds of 0-dimensional, 1-dimensional, and 2-dimensional frameworks. 0-dimensional or classical semantics will be analyzed throughout the works of Gottlob Frege and Bertrand Russell. The advancement in the modal logic and problems that emanated from the classical picture cause...
Electromagnetic compatibility of electric power quality monitor according to EN 61326 standard
Yaman, Özgür; Ermiş, Muammer; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2007)
In this thesis; Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of Electric Power Quality Monitor developed within the scope of National Power Quality Project has been investigated according to EN 61326 standard. Both immunity and emission tests have been carried out in EMC laboratories of ELDAS and ASELSAN for the device under test. Necessary counter measures such as using electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters and transient voltage suppressors, shielding the case of device with EMI protective materials have been ...
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B. Mete, “THE END OF THE FACT-VALUE DICHOTOMY: A NEO-ARISTOTELIAN APPROACH,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2022.