Complex and symplectic structures on panelled web 4-manifolds

Kalafat, Mustafa
Arguez, Huelya
We analyze the symplectic and complex structures on the panelled web 4-manifolds of S. Akbulut and M. Kalafat [1]. In particular, we give infinite families of examples of almost complex but not symplectic and not complex 4-manifolds in the non-simply connected case.


The mapping class group is generated by two commutators
Baykur, R. Inanc; Korkmaz, Mustafa (2021-05-01)
We show that the mapping class group of any closed connected orientable surface of genus at least five is generated by only two commutators, and if the genus is three or four, by three commutators. (C) 2021 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Genus-3 Lefschetz Fibrations and Exotic 4-Manifolds with b(2)(+)=3
Altunöz, Tülin (2021-06-01)
We explicitly construct a genus-3 Lefschetz fibration over S-2, whose total space is T-2 x S-2 #6 (CP2) over bar using the monodromy of Matsumoto's genus-2 Lefschetz fibration. We then construct more genus-3 Lefschetz fibrations, whose total spaces are exotic minimal symplectic 4-manifolds 3CP(2)#q (CP2) over bar for q = 13,..., 19. We also generalize our construction to get genus-3k Lefschetz fibration structure on the 4-manifold Sigma(k) x S-2 #6 (CP2) over bar using the generalized Matsumoto's genus-2k L...
Descriptive complexity of subsets of the space of finitely generated groups
Benli, Mustafa Gökhan; Kaya, Burak (2022-12-01)
© 2022 Elsevier GmbHIn this paper, we determine the descriptive complexity of subsets of the Polish space of marked groups defined by various group theoretic properties. In particular, using Grigorchuk groups, we establish that the sets of solvable groups, groups of exponential growth and groups with decidable word problem are Σ20-complete and that the sets of periodic groups and groups of intermediate growth are Π20-complete. We also provide bounds for the descriptive complexity of simplicity, amenability,...
Universal groups of intermediate growth and their invariant random subgroups
Benli, Mustafa Gökhan; Nagnibeda, Tatiana (2015-07-01)
We exhibit examples of groups of intermediate growth with ergodic continuous invariant random subgroups. The examples are the universal groups associated with a family of groups of intermediate growth.
Prime graphs of solvable groups
Ulvi , Muhammed İkbal; Ercan, Gülin; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2020-8)
If $G$ is a finite group, its prime graph $Gamma_G$ is constructed as follows: the vertices are the primes dividing the order of $G$, two vertices $p$ and $q$ are joined by an edge if and only if $G$ contains an element of order $pq$. This thesis is mainly a survey that gives some important results on the prime graphs of solvable groups by presenting their proofs in full detail.
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