Development of Two Scales Measuring Task Value of Peer Feedback Provision and Reception for Pre-Service Teachers

This research aimed to develop two scales measuring pre-service teachers' task value towards peer feedback provision and peer feedback reception (PFR) based on expectancy-value theory. Two studies were conducted to investigate the psychometric properties of the scales with the sample of undergraduate students in teacher education programs. In the first study, exploratory factor analysis for both scales revealed 13 items collected under utility, intrinsic, and attainment value factors. A general task value factor was also identified in the scale regarding PFR. In the second study, different models of the scales were evaluated with confirmatory factor analysis, and the second-order models were favored. Moreover, reliability and additional analyses supported using a general task value factor that was highly correlated with students' willingness to participate in peer feedback activities. Overall, this study provides two scales, recommends research for further validation, and discusses the internal structure of the task value construct.


Design and development of an online formative peer assessment environment with instructional scaffolds
Alemdağ, Ecenaz; Yıldırım, Zahide (2022-08-01)
Although formative peer assessment (FPA) has become a prevailing learning activity in different educational settings, there are not enough suggestions on how to structure it with instructional supports in online environments to optimize its benefits. Therefore, this study aims to propose design guidelines for the development of an effective online FPA environment with instructional scaffolds in the context of writing activities at high schools. To this end, an online FPA environment was designed on the basi...
The Effect of peer helping training program on peer helpers’ personal and social competency
Taşkın, Dilanur; Hatipoğlu Sümer, Zeynep.; Department of Educational Sciences (2019)
The present study aimed to investigate the effect of a peer helping training program on peer helpers’ personal and social competency. The study, which employed a matching-only pretest-posttest control group quasi experimental design, was implemented in a public middle school in Eskişehir. Non-parametric statistical tests were used to analyze the quantitative data, the results of which revealed that, subsequent to the implementation of the peer helping training program, the aggressiveness post-test scores of...
Development of a metaconceptual awareness and regulation scale
Kirbulut, Zubeyde Demet; Kondakçı, Esen; Beeth, Michael Edward (2016-09-01)
This study aimed to develop the Metaconceptual Awareness and Regulation Scale (MARS) - a self-report instrument for measuring the extent to which students realise, monitor, and evaluate their ideas. MARS consists of 10 items scored on a six-point Likert scale for two factors: metaconceptual awareness and metaconceptual regulation. A pilot study was conducted with 349 10th grade students while 338 11th grade students participated in the validation study. In order to test the two-factor structure of MARS, con...
Effects of Combined Peer-Teacher Feedback on Second Language Writing Development
Demirel, Elif; Enginarlar, Hüsnü (2016-10-01)
This study attempts to test the effectiveness of a feedback model which combines teacher and peer feedback systematically on improving students' writing ability in the context of a multiple draft writing course. 57 Turkish EFL students participated in the study which lasted for a 15-week semester. The experimental and control groups were provided different feedback treatments and then statistically compared in terms of the revisions they made in their essay drafts and their writing improvement. A total of 1...
An investigation of student engagement, motivation and attitudes towards course content in a mobile-learning enhanced course
Alioon, Yasaman; Delialioğlu, Ömer; Çelik, İlknur; Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology (2016)
This study aims to investigate the students‟ engagement, motivation and attitudes toward course content in a mobile-learning enhanced computer networking course where authentic collaborative activities were designed, developed and implemented. The computer networking course was a must course in Computer Education and Instructional Technology department curriculum. The participants of the study were 3rd grade students enrolled in the course. The effect of the activities on students‟ engagement, motivation an...
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