The Making of Global International Relations: Origins and Evolution of IR at its Centenary



The evolution of 'new' Labour's European Policy : Europe as the 'New Jerusalem'
Keser, Hasan; Yalman, Osman Galip; Department of European Studies (2006)
British Labour Party’s attitudes and policies towards European integration have historically oscillated between varying degrees of support for concrete integration steps and obstinate opposition to it. A major and pronounced volte-face on European policy occurred after 1983 and the aim of this study is to locate the causes of this shift in European policy and its subsequent course under ‘New’ Labour period. The causes and motivations are searched within the general transformation of the party and they are a...
The Making of European common security and defence policy (CSDP) : the capability gap and its implications on NATO
Arı, Mehmet Mükerrem; Kahraman, Sevilay; Department of Sociology (2013)
During the Cold War period, NATO has been the primary organization that links the US and Europe on defence and security matters. European and Transatlantic forces have been very content with stable and extraordinarily predictable security environment. Nevertheless, after the demise of common perceived threat and with the emerging unpredictable threats and upheavals the security environment has become unpredictable. Moreover, the crises in Bosnia and Kosovo have provided dramatic confirmation of European wea...
The challenge of becoming a multicultural society: a case of Germany
Alaaddinoğlu, Yeliz; Okyayuz, Mehmet; Department of International Relations (2005)
This thesis seeks to trace the process of Germany̕ becoming a multicultural society through the politico-historical analysis of the matter of immigration to Germany. The working assumption while projecting this study is as follows; there is a close relation between the policies and implementations of Germany in practice and becoming a multicultural society during the process in question. Germany became a multinational society with its composition of different ethnic, religious and cultural groups; but it is...
The evolution of the idea of development: From developmentalism to financialisation in a comparative perspective
Kaynak , Mehtap Tuğba; Göksel, Asuman; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2020-10-29)
This thesis has attempted to show the evolution of the idea of developmentalism starting from the early ideas of developmentalism in 16th century and continuing with the analysis of developmental state from the end of the Second World War to the early 21st century. As the contours of developmentalism shifted from economic protectionism in the 1950s to market liberalisation in the 1980s, there has been a growing literature aiming at revitalizing the role of the state in social and economic transformation in ...
The making of the visegrad initiative : crises and survivals, dilemmas and prospects
Kuzum, Sinan; Türkeş, Mustafa; Department of International Relations (2004)
This thesis aims to scrutinize the Visegrad Quadruple Initiative as a device of the Central European countries in the process of involving into the re-negotiations in Europe and in world politics. The thesis argues that the Visegrad group was built in order to respond the demands of changing Europe and Euro-Atlantic structures, and thus to overcome the double process of transition and integration. However that was not the only reason to launch the Visegrad regional cooperation. The group produced an affirma...
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