Failure Analysis of an Intersection under Squeezing Rock Conditions

© Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.The development of Turkey's deepest coal mine is currently underway to the proposed depth of 1200 meters (m) below surface at the Soma Coal Basin. An 11 m intersection forming an access way from one of the main declines was excavated at approximately 900 m below surface collapse within hours of completion even after being heavily supported by TH34 and cable bolts. It was discovered during the excavation failure investigation and rehabilitation work that the intersection was excavated below a water bearing stratification and faulted zone of the coal seam. The failure analyses concluded that the failure was contributed by a number of factors, mainly the overburden pressure of the overlying material along with the inrush of high-pressured groundwater with the very poor rock mass surrounding the excavation. This study investigates the possible reasons of the failure, numerical modelling of the intersection and alternative support suggestions for such squeezing rock conditions.
EUROCK 2021 Conference on Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering from Theory to Practice


Numerical analysis of deep twin excavations and boreholes for heavy oil production
Emci, M.E.; Öztürk, Hasan (2021-09-06)
© Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.One of the plans for the production of Turkey's largest oil reserve, Bati Raman (1.85 billion barrels), is to use Mining-Assisted Heavy Oil Production (MAHOP). In this method, twin declines are excavated from the surface to the reservoir and a series of excavations (galleries) continue along the bottom of the reservoir. Fan-shaped steam injection and production holes are drilled in the reservoir from the crown of the galleries to use conventional Steam-Assiste...
Performance assessment of hydraulic and cable shovels
Karpuz, Celal; Muftuoğlu, Yadikar (1992-04-01)
In this paper, performance assessment studies for hydraulic and cable shovels carried out on a nationwide scale in the surface lignite mines of Turkish Coal Enterprises are explained. The work was involved manual stopwatch surveys of shovel dig cycle times, estimation of bucket filling and hourly excavation capacity of shovels. The accumulated data is compared with the literature values in order to be evaluated in terms of ease of digging. The observed bucket size ranges of hydraulic and cable shovels varie...
Convergence behaviour - Packing relations of full extraction gate roadways at OAL lignite mine
ISTANBULLUOGLU, YS; Karpuz, Celal (1997-09-01)
This paper describes the results of convergence measurements conducted about five years for the re-use gate roadways at OAL lignite mine in Turkey. Double lignite seams separated with a marn layer, are mined with longwall retreating mining system at the mine. Rib pillar has been abandoned and gate roadways were planned to be packed for the re-use of full extraction. Various packing systems have been attempted, namely three rows of wooden chock, one row of wooden chock plus concrete wall and concrete wall on...
Slope stability assessment of a re-activated landslide on the Artvin-Savsat junction of a provincial road in Meydancik, Turkey
Topsakal, Ebru; Topal, Tamer (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2015-03-01)
The purpose of this study is to determine the most suitable remediation techniques for an active landslide area in Turkey, using a geological engineering assessment of a re-activated landslide that occurred during the construction of the Artvin-Savsat Junction on the Meydancik Provincial Road, at Km: 12 + 200. For this, the geotechnical parameters of the mobilized geological material-which is colluvium along the sliding surface-were determined by back analyses of the landslide at three geological sections. ...
Strength analysis of a 5-m composite wind turbine blade under static and fatigue loading conditions
Muyan, C.; Çöker, Demirkan (2020-10-23)
© Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.This study focuses on the static and fatigue strength analysis of the existing 5-m RUZGEM composite wind turbine blade with and without defect in the form of debonding. Puck progressive damage analysis is used to investigate the effect of defect introduced to the spar/pressure side interface on the ultimate strength under extreme flap-wise (min) by single-loading point application. In addition, fatigue life according to the Germanischer Lyod (GL) guidelines is...
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