Apologizing in Turkish as a Foreign Language



A note on the debt sustainability issue in Turkey
Keyder, Nur (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Ankara, Turkey), 2002)
The purpose of the paper is to shed light on the composition of the public sector debt stock and using the end-2002 net public debt stock-to-GNP ratio as the starting point, estimate the primary surplus-to-GNP ratio that will be necessary for the sustainability of the debt stock, using a modified version of the approach suggested by the World Bank (2000:16-18; 121-124). The relevant tables on the primary surplus-to-GNP ratio requirements are constructed under different scenarios with respect to real interes...
A Discussion on Rural Transformation in Turkey
Kurtuluş, Vacide Betül; Şahin Güçhan, Neriman (null; 2019-10-17)
Rural areas represent an indigenous culture and richness of a native society. The environment made by this society is a product of local culture, built by the use of available local materials, considering local production and lifestyle of the villages. Continuity of rural areas is necessary for safeguarding a specific landscape – which has specific features – on earth with its components. A specific landscape can sustain only with a continuous rural life. For a sustainable rural life, the income source of t...
Exloring the Effect of Erasmus Program on Cultural Intelligence of University Students
Gökten, Özge; Emil, Serap (Hacettepe University, 2019-07-01)
The purpose of this quantitative causal-comparative research was to investigate the difference between cultural intelligence of university students who have participated in Erasmus Student Mobility program and of those who have not, while their personality trait "openness to experience" is controlled. Data were collected from 450 students at a public university in Ankara studying in different disciplines and at varying grade levels through survey: Cultural Intelligence Scale, and Openness to Experience sub-...
A Proposal for a Comprehensive Approach to Safer Non-engineered Houses
Narafu, Tatsuo; Ishiyama, Yuji; Okazaki, Kenji; Ando, Shoichi; Imai, Hiroshi; Pribadi, Krishna S.; Dixit, Amod Mani; Ahmad, Najib; Ali, Qaisar; Türer, Ahmet (Informa UK Limited, 2010-11-01)
Reducing earthquake disasters in non-engineered houses is an acute issue because they are a main cause of human casualties worldwide. Since non-engineered houses differ from engineered houses in many respects, the authors conducted a comparative study and clarified the characteristics of the former. Based on this study, they found that reducing disasters in non-engineered houses would require appropriate seismic technologies to be adopted by communities and effective channels to disseminate technical knowle...
Public Support for European Integration and Public Support for Turkish Membership
Şenyuva, Özgehan (Ankara Üniversitesi, 2008-01-01)
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