The Role of RNA Metabolism Regulator CPL1 in Salt Stress in Arabidopsis thaliana

Aksoy, Emre
2nd International Green Biotechnology Congress


The Role of Nek 6 Gene Expression in Multidrug Resistance and Apoptosis in MCF 7 and K 562 Cell Lines
Ayça, Nabioğlu; Pelin, Mutlu; Yalçın Azarkan, Serap; Gündüz, Ufuk (null; 2015-06-20)
The role of small heat shock proteins of the thermoacidophilic archaeon thermoplasma volcanium in the stress response
Aygar, Sema; Kocabıyık, Semra; Department of Biological Sciences (2011)
In this study, possible involvement of the small heat shock proteins (sHsps) from a thermoacidophilic archaeon, Thermoplasma (Tp) volcanium in the stress response was investigated. Our results showed that heterologous, high level expression of TVN0775/sHsp gene in E.coli increased its thermotolerance at 53°C for two hours. But, the second sHsp of the Tp. volcanium, TVN0984/sHsp was not effective in improvement of the thermal resistance of the mesophilic bacterium (i. e., E.coli). The expression of the TVN07...
The Role of NEK6 gene expression in multidrug resistance and apoptosis in MCF-7 and K-562 cell lines
Nabioğlu, Ayça; Gündüz, Ufuk; Mutlu, Pelin; Department of Biology (2015)
Grey mold disease is one of these postharvest decays. Especially grapes are infected by Botrytis cinerea known as a causal agent of the grey mold disease. Some fungicides are used to control this disease. However, they cause funcide- resistant strains of the pathogens and make hazardous for human health and environmental safety. Therefore, The killer yeasts are considered as promising alternative antifungal agents among other biocontrol agents. Pichia anomala which is a killer yeast secretes the K5 type yea...
The Roles of protein kinase d2 in chemoresistant breast cancer cell lines
Alpsoy, Aktan; Gündüz, Ufuk; Department of Biology (2014)
Even though chemotherapy keeps its position as the most preferred and potent strategy of cancer treatment, resistance of tumor to the anti-neoplastic drug poses an obstacle for chemotherapy success. Multidrug resistance (MDR) is a phenomenon that is defined as the intrinsic or acquired resistance against structurally and functionally unrelated drugs. Acquisition of multidrug resistance can be through several distinct mechanisms such as increased drug efflux by ABC transporters, increased drug detoxification...
The role of bcsE gene in the pathogenicity of Salmonella
Ozdemir, Caner; AKÇELİK, NEFİSE; Özdemir, Fatma Neslihan; Evcili, Irem; Kahraman, Tamer; GÜRSEL, İHSAN; AKÇELİK, MUSTAFA (2021-08-01)
The effects of the bcsE gene and BcsE protein on bacterial physiology and pathogenicity in SalmonellaTyphimurium and Salmonella Group C1 were investigated. It was observed that biofilm and pellicle formation did not occur in the bcsE gene mutants of wild-type strains. Besides, the 'rdar' (red, dry, rough) biofilm morphotype in wild-type strains changed significantly in the mutants. In terms of the bcsE gene, the swimming and swarming motility in mutant strains showed a dramatic increase compared to the wild...
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