Insights from students and graduates into the Master of Arts program in English Language Teaching at Middle East Technical University

Döner Arday, Berna
Graduate education, as a stepping-stone to academia, has become prominent due to the rising demand of students and the growing number of institutions offering graduate programs for both domestic and international students. However, graduate programs are not constantly examined from the viewpoints of students and graduates to identify potential issues that need to be improved in the program. Therefore, it is essential to determine students' motivations for pursuing graduate education while including their perspectives on the program components, the challenges they face, and their needs during the study period, as well as their suggestions on the enhancement of master's degree programs. The literature on graduate studies is less enlightening than the research on undergraduate studies. Even it has presented little for graduate programs in English Language Teaching (ELT). The primary goal of this sequential mixed-methods study was to provide fundamental implications for Master of Arts (MA) programs in ELT by exploring the perceptions of 42 participants who were 27 graduates of the ELT MA program at Middle East Technical University (METU) and 15 master's students at their thesis writing period concerning the program components, and the thesis writing process. Utilizing a questionnaire and in-depth interviews as data collection methods, the findings of this study revealed the perceptions of the students and graduates on the program components, the strengths and weaknesses of the ELT MA program at METU from the standpoint of the students and graduates, the challenges they have faced during the program and their suggestions for the improvement of the ELT MA program.


Kaylan, Buse; Emil, Serap; Department of Educational Administration and Planning (2022-12-27)
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Master’s Students’ Perceptions and Expectations of Good Tutors and Advisors in Distance Education
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B. Döner Arday, “Insights from students and graduates into the Master of Arts program in English Language Teaching at Middle East Technical University,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2022.