Metaphors of University-Industry Relations: Interpretations on Technology Development Zones Unveiled



Metaphors of University-industry Relations: Interpretations on Technology Development Zones Unveiled
Yılık, Mehmet Ali; Kondakçı, Yaşar (null; 2018-05-01)
Metaphors as a Reflection of Middle School Students’ Perceptions of School: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
Engin Demir, Cennet (2007-04-01)
his study analyzes the perceptions of Turkish and American middle school students of school and schooling by examining the metaphors they produce. A total of 18 American and 24 Turkish students were interviewed as part of this study. The results show differences in the participants' perceptions of schooling by culture. Turkish participants perceived the school environment as family-like, care-giving, psychologically nurturing, educationally exemplary, and physically appealing. School was also seen as a fund...
Metaphorical images of school : school perceptions of students, teachers, and parents from four selected schools(in Ankara)
Balcı, Ayşe; Şimşek, Hasan; Department of Educational Sciences (1999)
Metaphorical images of an organization: The power of symbolic constructs in reading change in higher education organizations
Simsek, H (1997-04-01)
Based on interviews with 24 faculty members at a large, public university, this article reports the use of metaphors as a new conceptual strategy to analyze change in higher education organizations. Results of the study indicate that strategic choices guiding the behavior of the organization under study and the metaphorical images held by the faculty members about their organization show a high degree of congruence. Implications for change and maintenance of enacted realities in higher education organizatio...
Metaphorical expression in architecture: understanding symbolic meanings of Qabus Tower in Iran
Eskandarnezhad, Obeid; Erkılıç, Mualla; Peker, Ali Uzay; Department of Architecture (2015)
Symbols with their meanings have always been one of the vital and primal communication tools in humans' perception of the universe. Symbolic expressions are important means of representation of abstract ideas that go beyond the concrete physical forms. Accordingly, it’s not just about physical material of architecture that provide mere shelter; it’s about symbolic meanings of architecture that are concealed behind its concrete forms. Metaphors, on the other hand, in art and architecture are the vehicles tha...
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