Hydraulic and sediment transport modeling for Cache Creek Settling Basin, Woodland California

Carr, K.J.
Ercan, Ali
Kavvas, M.L.
The Cache Creek Settling Basin is located two miles east of Woodland, California and was constructed to preserve the floodway capacity of the Yolo Bypass by entrapping sediment. Cache Creek is the main source of mercury entering the San Francisco Bay-Delta. Entrapping sediment helps to entrap mercury thus acting to protect the aquatic life of the San Francisco Bay-Delta. A 2-dimensional hydraulic and sediment transport model is under development. The model modules for sediment transport and hydrodynamic modeling will be coupled under historical flow conditions. Preliminary results are presented herein. © 2010 ASCE.
World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2010: Challenges of Change


Determination and control of longshore sediment transport: A case study
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Assessment of the effects of multiple extreme floods on flow and transport processes under competing flood protection and environmental management strategies
Tu, Tongbi; Carr, Kara J.; Ercan, Ali; Trinh, Toan; Kavvas, M. Levent; Nosacka, John (2017-12-01)
Extreme floods are regarded as one of the most catastrophic natural hazards and can result in significant morphological changes induced by pronounced sediment erosion and deposition processes over the landscape. However, the effects of extreme floods of different return intervals on the floodplain and river channelmorphological evolution with the associated sediment transport processes are not well explored. Furthermore, different basin management action plans, such as engineering structure modifications, m...
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