Smart Specialization as a Revised Tool for Regional Innovation Policy Making: Stylized Policy Perspectives

EconTR2021 International Conference


Smart Specialisation and RI Policy Framework in Turkey
Erdil, Erkan (IGI Global, 2018-01-01)
The smart specialization strategy (S3) has been accepted as a solution for the European Union (EU) to catch up United States in productivity, R&D intensity, etc. The process of research and innovation strategies for smart specialization (RIS3) is described in six steps: the regional/national context, governance, elaboration, identification of priorities, the definition of coherent policy mix and action plan, and finally, the integration of monitoring and evaluation mechanism. In this chapter, the situation ...
Smart Specialization and R&I Policy Framework in Turkey
Erdil, Erkan (Idea Group Publishing, 2018-07-01)
Smart Cities as Drivers of a Green Economy
Balaban, Osman ( Elsevier: Academic Press, 2019-09-01)
The current economic system is highly unsustainable. It has created an economic crisis and an ecological crisis, which seriously threaten the future of our planet and societies. Both crises could be overcome by transitioning to a green economy. The green economy concept is based on the idea that the conventional model of economic development is socially and environmentally unsustainable, and argues that we should move toward a new economy, which respects natural boundaries and ecological limits, and respond...
Smart water chain: Immutable, distributed and decentralized water transaction ledgers
Satilmisoglu, Talat Kemal; Keskin, Huzur (2023-01-01)
Blockchain is a transactional data storage system where data can be stored reliably without the need for a central database or trusted authority. The data can be anything like financial transactions, supply chain processes or medical records. It is similar to a classical database but uses a decentralized ledger and allowing each participant in the network to have their own copy of the ledger and be able to see all transactions. Data stored in the distributed ledger can only be read or written, not deleted o...
Smart Cities and the Idea of Smartness in Urban Development - A Critical Review
Husar, Milan; Ondrejicka, Vladimir; Varis, Sila Ceren (2017-06-16)
The concept of smart cities is becoming another mantra for both developing and developed cities. For instance, Indian government in 2015 announced its objective to build one hundred smart cities all over the country. They clearly stated that they are choosing smart development as the underlying concept for their future growth as a way to foster economic development in smart way to avoid the paths of rapid industrialization and pollution of cities as it took place in Europe and United States. The first of th...
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