Smart Specialisation and RI Policy Framework in Turkey

Erdil, Erkan
Çetin, Dilek
The smart specialization strategy (S3) has been accepted as a solution for the European Union (EU) to catch up United States in productivity, R&D intensity, etc. The process of research and innovation strategies for smart specialization (RIS3) is described in six steps: the regional/national context, governance, elaboration, identification of priorities, the definition of coherent policy mix and action plan, and finally, the integration of monitoring and evaluation mechanism. In this chapter, the situation in Turkey is evaluated under these six steps. RIS3 strategy is not specified on the national level at Turkey, while it is debatable on the regional level.
Citation Formats
E. Erdil and D. Çetin, Smart Specialisation and RI Policy Framework in Turkey. 2018, p. 233.