Characterization of Zirconium-Tantalum Metallic Glass Coatings Produced by Combinatorial Sputtering

Behboud, Ali Bagheri
Tarman, Gökhan
Motallebzadeh, Amir
Özerinç, Sezer
20. Uluslararası Metalurji ve Malzeme Kongresi


Characterization of Si Nanocrystals
Yerci, Selçuk; Seyhan, Ayşe; Arife, Gencer; Turan, Raşit (null, 2010-01-01)
Characterization of pea flour based nanofibers produced by electrospinning method
Oğuz, Seren; Şahin, Serpil; Şümnü, Servet Gülüm; Department of Food Engineering (2018)
Electrospinning is a process that produces continuous nanofibers through the action of an electric field imposed on a polymer solution. In this thesis, it was aimed to produce pea flour and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) based homogenous nanofibers by electrospinning. The effects of pH, pea flour and HPMC concentration, and microfluidization on apparent viscosity, electrical conductivity of solutions and nanofiber characteristics were studied. In addition, the effects of voltage and flow rate were ana...
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Characterization of non-Fickian moisture absorption in thermosetting polymers
Güloğlu, Görkem Eğemen; Altan, M. Cengiz (2015-05-22)
© 2015 AIP Publishing LLC.A recently developed moisture absorption model for thermosetting polymers that combines the non-Fickian, diffusion hindrance effects and three-dimensional anisotropy is introduced. The hindered diffusion model is shown to predict both short term Fickian and long term anomalous moisture absorption behavior often observed in thermosetting polymers and their composites. The salient characteristics of long term moisture uptake such as the equilibrium moisture content and the effect of ...
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A. B. Behboud, G. Tarman, A. Motallebzadeh, and S. Özerinç, “Characterization of Zirconium-Tantalum Metallic Glass Coatings Produced by Combinatorial Sputtering,” presented at the 20. Uluslararası Metalurji ve Malzeme Kongresi, İstanbul, Türkiye, 2021, Accessed: 00, 2022. [Online]. Available: