A Systematic Review of the Representation of Cultural Elements in English as a Foreign Language Textbooks

Textbooks are complementary to language learning and teaching. Considering various foreign language teaching contexts, they also serve as one of the main tools to provide learners with cultural content. This mixed-methods systematic review aimed to identify predominant cultural elements in 22 studies published between 2005 and 2019, focusing on the analysis of foreign language textbooks. It also attempted to provide a review of the research designs to investigate the representation of cultural elements in language textbooks used in EFL (English as a foreign language) contexts. Concerning the prevalent cultural representations, five main themes emerged: (1) the dominance of target culture, (2) the lack of local culture, (3) the scarcity of cross-cultural comparisons, (4) the presence of surface culture, and (5) the imbalanced proportion of the world cultures. The findings also indicated that the quantitative studies outnumbered the qualitative and mixed-method research designs. The most frequently used research method to analyze the content of foreign language textbooks was content analysis.


A Case study on pre-service english language teachers‟ cognitions and practices regarding most commonly experienced in-class challenges
Çimen, Şeyda Selen; Daloğlu, Ayşegül; Department of Foreign Language Education (2017)
This study explores cognitions and practices of pre-service English language teachers in relation to dealing with most commonly experienced in-class challenges in foreign language teaching, the influences that shape their cognitions and practices, and the relationship between their cognitions and practices. Adopting qualitative research design, a case study was conducted to provide an account of pre-service English language teachers’ cognitions and practices. Data for this study were collected in two main s...
A Comparative study on evaluation of Turkish and English foreign language textbooks
Korkmaz, Sezen (null; 2012-05-12)
Evaluation and selection of suitable materials that best fit the learners' needs is becoming more and more important for all levels in language teaching. Therefore, this comparative study focuses on the perceptions of undergraduate and graduate students as well as teachers regarding the effectiveness of "Turkish Elementary Textbook by Kurtulus Oztopcu" and "English Textbook Face to Face". This study closes with suggestions based on the teachers' and the students' preferences that may help textbook writers, ...
An Investigation into the Cultural Dimension in EFL Classes: Turkish Instructors' Views and Practices
Tasemir, Hanife; Gürbüz, Nurdan (2021-01-01)
The current study aims to investigate how Turkish English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers understand the cultural component in language classes and the extent to which they feel to have opportunities to raise cultural awareness. The views on and approaches to cultural issues of ten English language instructors teaching at the tertiary level across state and private universities in Turkey have been examined in this regard. A qualitative-quantitative mixed-method design using a questionnaire and semi-str...
Günbay, Sinem; Daloğlu, Ayşegül; Department of English Language Teaching (2021-9-3)
The idea of using works of literature in the teaching of English has been discussed among language teachers and researchers for a long time due to its benefits in terms of language, culture and its positive impact on the individual’s personal development (Carter & Long, 1991). This thesis aims at demonstrating the benefits that literature has to offer with regards to learners’ motivation to learn English through a thematic literature unit specially designed for the participants. In order to collect data, fo...
A Review Study on the Integration of Technology into Foreign Language Education in Turkey
Zengin, Özlem; Aksu, Meral (2017-01-01)
The main objective of this study was to portray a synthesis of educational research in Turkey in terms of technology integration into foreign language teaching and learning in Turkey. To this end, a comprehensive literature search was done, which was limited to the years between 2005 and 2016 via electronic databases. As a result of this search, forty-seven resources including both articles and thesis dissertations were found. The descriptive and content analysis of the findings in these studies suggested t...
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