An autonomous system for minimization of turnover effects in eutrophic lakes

Şimşir, Serbay
Sömek, Süleyman Kazım
Şanlı, Emine Betül
Aydoğa, Kallem
Yücel, Özge
Çelebi, Emrehan Berkay
Ünalan, Utku Berkalp
Reza, Ahmadian
Demir, Şimşek
Aksoy, Ayşegül


A membrane-based co-treatment strategy for the recovery of print- and beck-dyeing textile effluents
Capar, G.; Yılmaz, Levent; Yetiş, Ülkü (Elsevier BV, 2008-03-21)
This paper describes the final part of a study on the recovery of print- and beck-dyeing wastewaters of the carpet manufacturing industry by membrane processes. These wastewaters had been previously treated separately where the print dyeing wastewaters were recovered by chemical precipitation followed by nanofiltration (NF) and beck-dyeing wastewaters were subjected to microfiltration (MF) and pH neutralization prior to NF. In this study, a co-treatment scheme after separate pre-treatment stages was adopted...
A microfluidic system for dielectrophoretic characterization of cancer cells
Sel, Kaan; Külah, Haluk; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2018)
Dielectrophoresis (DEP) is a promising cell manipulation approach for early diagnosis of cancer, which significantly increases chances of successful treatment. Compared to other cell manipulation techniques that rely on surface antigens, DEP systems enable label-free, cost-effective, simply-implementable cell characterization and separation. However, separation efficiency of the DEP based systems is limited and still far from meeting the medical requirements for early cancer detection. In order to improve t...
A Checkpointing mechanism for process migration
Özakça, Muzaffer; Özgit, Attila; Department of Computer Engineering (2001)
A biomimetic growth factor delivery strategy for enhanced regeneration of iliac crest defects
Huri, Pinar Yilgor; Huri, Gazi; Yasar, Umit; UÇAR , YURDANUR; DİKMEN, NURTEN; Hasırcı, Nesrin; Hasırcı, Vasıf Nejat (2013-06-01)
The importance of provision of growth factors in the engineering of tissues has long been shown to control the behavior of the cells within the construct and several approaches were applied toward this end. In nature, more than one type of growth factor is known to be effective during the healing of tissue defects and their peak concentrations are not always simultaneous. One of the most recent strategies includes the delivery of a combination of growth factors with the dose and timing to mimic the natural ...
An enhanced analytical model for residual stress prediction in machining
Lazoglu, I.; Ulutan, D.; Alaca, B. E.; Engin, S.; Kaftanoglu, B. (2008-01-01)
The predictions of residual stresses are most critical on the machined aerospace components for the safety of the aircraft. In this paper, an enhanced analytic elasto-plastic model is presented using the superposition of thermal and mechanical stresses on the workpiece, followed by a relaxation procedure. Theoretical residual stress predictions are verified experimentally with X-ray diffraction measurements on the high strength engineering material of Waspaloy that is used critical parts such as in aircraft...
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