Mimarlık ve Peyzaj: Eğitime Dair Kesitler, Vaatler

Baş Bütüner, Funda
Güneri Söğüt, Gizem Deniz


Mimarlık ve Yolculuk Pratiği: Cengiz Bektaş’ın “Anadolululuk” Söylemi
Akyol, Melike; Boyacıoğlu, Esin; Altan, Tomris Elvan (Türkiye Mimarlar Odası, 2019-01-01)
Mimarlık ve İdeoloji Söyleşileri I
Sargın, Güven Arif (Tmmob Mimarlar Odası Ankara Şubesi Yayınları, 2007-12-01)
Analogical Models In Architecture And Urban Design
Abel, Chris (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 1988)
In an earlier article, "Function of Tacit Knowing in Learning to Design!' (Abel, 1981c), I suggested that design researchers need to pay more attention to the way architects actually create their designs, rather than relying on the idealized models of design processes dreamed up by themselves. This article is intended to help fill that need, and outlines the major types of analogical models used by architects, together with some straightforward explanations of the main concepts involved. The assumptive phil...
Hands-on building practices in architectural education : METU summer construction practices
Turgay, Özce; Gür, Berin Fatma; Department of Architecture (2005)
This thesis explores the position of hands-on building practices in architectural education by focusing on METU Summer Construction Practices (ARCH190), which has been conducted in the rural sites of Turkey since 1958. It is believed that the summer construction practice is a tool of education to acquire knowledge of architecture by building 1-to-1 scale constructions. METU Summer Construction Practices are examined by asking the questions of أwhat is learnedؤ and أhow is learnedؤ in order to understand bot...
Mimarlık Tarihi Nasıl Anlatılır: Suna Güven İle Söyleşi- Varlık Dergisi
Bican, Mine (2022-07-01)
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F. Baş Bütüner and G. D. Güneri Söğüt, “Mimarlık ve Peyzaj: Eğitime Dair Kesitler, Vaatler,” Mimarlık, vol. 428, pp. 36–40, 2022, Accessed: 00, 2023. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/101509.