Everyday life and tactical resistance of the political prisoners: the case of F-type prisons in Turkey

This study analyses the everyday lives and resistance of the political prisoners in F- type prisons in Turkey by referring to the concept of ‘tactic’ by Michel de Certeau. It discusses how political prisoners resist isolation, separation, and reduction in such total conditions and how they produce communication, connection, and extension. The article claims that total institutions cannot always create a total order. The political prisoners resist being reduced to F-type discipline and extend their own ways of operating that organize their own everyday reality. How paradoxical it seems, the possibility of resistance and creativity is immersed in the everyday reality of F-type prisons. It only takes the practice of the prisoners to emerge.
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies


Everyday life and resistance practices in f-type prisons of Turkey
Bekiroğlu, Sibel; Topal, Çağatay; Department of Sociology (2016)
This study undertakes the analysis of everyday lives of the political prisoners in F-type prisons in reliance of the concept of “tactic” of Michel de Certeau. Based on isolation model, F-type prisons are high security prisons that were started to be used after 2000s. The establishment of F-type prisons is one of the important points in the recent political history of Turkey, which can be entitled as a direct intervention to the everyday lives of political prisoners. Based on the interviews and correspondenc...
Changing Cultures in Turkish Prisons: From the Ward System to the F-type Prisons
Karagöl, Yağmur; Topal, Çağatay (2015-09-01)
This study analyzes the ‘prison culture’ in the prisons in Turkey in terms of architectural design and political and economic context in Turkey. The case of prisons is examined with respect to the transition period from the ward system to the high-security cell-type prisons as a state policy. The concept of prison culture comes from the arguments of Gresham Sykes. He conceptualized this concept as determined by the internal deficiency of imprisonment and also as specific to penal institution. This conceptua...
Political prison culture in Turkish prisons: from the ward to the F type system
Karagöl, Elif Yağmur; Topal, Çağatay; Department of Sociology (2017)
In this study, the reciprocal relationship between prison architecture and prison culture is analyzed within the context of the transition from the ward system to the high security F type prison system. The analysis is fed by the prison culture discussions; the internal deprivation of Gresham Sykes and Erwing Goffman; and the external impact of James B. Jacobs, Donald Cressey and John Irwin. During the research process, the in-depth interviews were conducted with the former political prisoners. By assuming ...
An evaluation of the reform process in the Turkish prison system: role of the international and European norms and prisoners’ complaints
Takıl, Gizem; Eralp, Yakup Atila; Department of European Studies (2011)
This thesis analyzes the reforms in Turkish Prison System in the light of the international standards and accession to the European Union. The standards and Turkey’s efforts to comply with the requirements of those standards are handled in historical order. The process, reasons and initiators of the change are evaluated in the thesis. In order to understand if the process is shaped by a top down or a bottom up effect, criticisms of the Council of Europe and the European Union, and petitions of the prisoners...
Politicising Death in the Covid-19 Outbreak: AKP, Necropolitics and Right-Authoritarianism in Turkey
Erden, Özgür Olgun (2023-01-01)
This study deals with the AKP (Justice and Development Party) right-authoritarianism during the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey, as seen from the perspective of necropolitics. It examines the relationships between politics and death, asking the question of how such relationships fell into an authoritarian character adversely influencing democracy and democratic values. For this, the study centres on the AKP government's response to the pandemic crisis, discussed as a manifestation of necropolitics. The paper ex...
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