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Recent Submissions

Using chains of bottleneck transitions to decompose and solve reinforcement learning tasks with hidden states
Aydın, Hüseyin; Çilden, Erkin; Polat, Faruk (2022-08-01)
© 2022 Elsevier B.V.Reinforcement learning is known to underperform in large and ambiguous problem domains under partial observability. In such cases, a proper decomposition of the task can improve and accelerate the learn...
Does depth estimation help object detection?
Cetinkaya, Bedrettin; Kalkan, Sinan; Akbaş, Emre (2022-06-01)
Ground-truth depth, when combined with color data, helps improve object detection accuracy over baseline models that only use color. However, estimated depth does not always yield improvements. Many factors affect the perf...
An Effective Forest Fire Detection Framework Using Heterogeneous Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Kizilkaya, Burak; Ever, Enver; Yatbaz, Hakan Yekta; Yazıcı, Adnan (2022-05-01)
With improvements in the area of Internet of Things (IoT), surveillance systems have recently become more accessible. At the same time, optimizing the energy requirements of smart sensors, especially for data transmission,...
Towards 5G and beyond radio link diagnosis: Radio link failure prediction by using historical weather, link parameters
Aktaş, Semih; Alemdar, Hande; Ergüt, Salih (2022-04-01)
Weather-related phenomena such as clouds, rain, snow affect the performance of radio links. To reduce the adverse effects of radio link failures’ on the user experience, mobile operators require intelligent monitoring syst...
Next-Generation Payment System for Device-to-Device Content and Processing Sharing
Kihtir, Fatih; Yazıcı, Mehmet Akif; Oztoprak, Kasim; Alpaslan, Ferda Nur (2022-04-01)
Recent developments in telecommunication world have allowed customers to share the storage and processing capabilities of their devices by providing services through fast and reliable connections. This evolution, however, ...
Hand-crafted versus learned representations for audio event detection
Kucukbay, Selver Ezgi; Yazıcı, Adnan; Kalkan, Sinan (2022-04-01)
Audio Event Detection (AED) pertains to identifying the types of events in audio signals. AED is essential for applications requiring decisions based on audio signals, which can be critical, for example, for health, survei...
Partitioning and Reordering for Spike-Based Distributed-Memory Parallel Gauss--Seidel
Torun, Tugba; Torun, F. Sukru; Manguoğlu, Murat; Aykanat, Cevdet (2022-04-01)
HyGraph: a subgraph isomorphism algorithm for efficiently querying big graph databases
Asiler, Merve; Yazıcı, Adnan; George, Roy (2022-04-01)
The big graph database provides strong modeling capabilities and efficient querying for complex applications. Subgraph isomorphism which finds exact matches of a query graph in the database efficiently, is a challenging pr...
Targeting HIF1-alpha/miR-326/ITGA5 axis potentiates chemotherapy response in triple-negative breast cancer
Assidicky, Ridho; Tokat, Unal Metin; Tarman, Ibrahim Oguzhan; Saatci, Ozge; Ersan, Pelin Gulizar; Raza, Umar; Ogul, Hasan; Riazalhosseini, Yasser; Can, Tolga; Sahin, Ozgur (2022-03-01)
Purpose Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is the most aggressive subtype of breast cancer that is frequently treated with chemotherapy. However, many patients exhibit either de novo chemoresistance or ultimately develop...
Event prediction from news text using subgraph embedding and graph sequence mining
Çekinel, Recep Fırat; Karagöz, Pınar (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2022-2-28)
Event detection from textual content by using text mining concepts is a well-researched field in the literature. On the other hand, graph modeling and graph embedding techniques in recent years provide an opportunity to re...
Deep Learning-Enabled Technologies for Bioimage Analysis
Rabbi, Fazle; Dabbagh, Sajjad Rahmani; Angın, Pelin; Yetisen, Ali Kemal; Tasoglu, Savas (2022-02-01)
© 2022 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.Deep learning (DL) is a subfield of machine learning (ML), which has recently demon-strated its potency to significantly improve the quantification and classificatio...
GreenSlice: An Energy-Efficient Secure Network Slicing Framework
Akin, Ozan; Gulmez, Umut Can; Sazak, Ozan; Yagmur, Osman Ufuk; Angın, Pelin (2022-02-01)
Preserving privacy of health data residing in HL7 FHIR repositories through de-identification
Şimşek Yılgın, Ezelsu; Karagöz, Pınar; Department of Computer Engineering (2022-1-28)
Collaboration and data sharing are essential aspects of health research. Nevertheless, the number of sensitive health data breaches is increasing and there is a significant need to ensure that the privacy of patients is pr...
SAID: ECC-Based Secure Authentication and Incentive Distribution Mechanism for Blockchain-Enabled Data Sharing System
Rizwan, Muhammad; Sohail, Muhammad Noman; Asheralieva, Alia; Anjum, Adeel; Angın, Pelin (2022-01-24)
Just noticeable difference for machine perception and generation of regularized adversarial images with minimal perturbation
Akan, Adil Kaan; Akbaş, Emre; Yarman Vural, Fatoş Tunay (2022-01-01)
In this study, we introduce a measure for machine perception, inspired by the concept of Just Noticeable Difference (JND) of human perception. Based on this measure, we suggest an adversarial image generation algorithm, wh...
Plane-separated routing in ad-hoc networks
Ergenc, Doganalp; Onur, Ertan (2022-01-01)
Control and user (data) plane separation (CUPS) is a concept applied in various networking areas to scale network resources independently, increase the quality of service, and facilitate the autonomy of networks. In this s...
Prediction of the Ball Location on the 2D Plane in Football Using Optical Tracking Data
Amirli, Anar; Alemdar, Hande (2022-01-01)
Tracking the ball location is essential for automated game analysis in complex ball-centered team sports such as football. However, it has always been a challenge for image processing-based techniques because the players a...
LIMP: Incremental Multi-agent Path Planning with LPA*
Yorganci, Mucahit Alkan; Semiz, Fatih; Polat, Faruk (2022-01-01)
The multi-agent pathfinding (MAPF) problem is defined as finding conflict-free paths for more than one agent. There exist optimal and suboptimal solvers for MAPF, and most of the solvers focus on the MAPF problem in static...
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Facial Actions using Lifecycle-Aware Capsule Networks
Churamani, Nikhil; Kalkan, Sinan; Güneş, Hatice (2021-12-26)
Automated classification of remote sensing images using multileveled MobileNetV2 and DWT techniques
Karadal, Can Haktan; Kaya, Muhammed Çağrı; Tuncer, Turker; Dogan, Sengul; Acharya, U. Rajendra (2021-12-15)
Automated classification of remote sensing images is one of the complex issues in robotics and machine learning fields. Many models have been proposed for remote sensing image classification (RSIC) to obtain high classific...
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