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Penetration rate prediction in heterogeneous formations: A geomechanical approach through machine learning
Kor, Korhan; Ertekin Bolelli, Şeyda; Yamanlar, Şenol; Altun, Gürşat (2021-12-01)
© 2021 Elsevier B.V.Bourgoyne and Young Method (BYM) is one of the most widely used rate of penetration (ROP) prediction methods. Drilling data, in this method, must be taken from uniform-lithology sections (homogeneous fo...
Increasing energy efficiency of rule-based fuzzy clustering algorithms using CLONALG-M for wireless sensor networks
Sert, Seyyit Alper; Yazıcı, Adnan (2021-09-01)
© 2021 Elsevier B.V.Because of its efficiency, clustering is used for effective communication in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). In the WSN clustering area, fuzzy approaches are found to be superior to crisp cluster count...
Reinforcement Learning versus Conventional Control for Controlling a Planar Bi-rotor Platform with Tail Appendage
Ugurlu, Halil Ibrahim; Kalkan, Sinan; Saranlı, Afşar (2021-08-01)
© 2021, The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Nature B.V.In this paper, we study the conventional and learning-based control approaches for multi-rotor platforms, with and without the presence of an actuated “...
Development and Maintenance of Mobile Forensic Investigation Software Modules
Arıkan, Süleyman Muhammed; Yürekten, Özgür (2021-07-20)
Nowadays, mobile devices are indispensable for social and business activities. Therefore, mobile device forensic technologies are critical for forensics practitioners. While using these technologies, they can investigate a...
Management of Service Function Chains in Programmable Data Plane
Yürekten, Özgür (2021-07-19)
The rapid development of information technologies necessitates the use of high-speed network technologies. Software defined networking and network function virtualization are critical technologies for high-bandwidth, dynam...
Part-based data-driven 3D shape interpolation
Aydinlilar, Melike; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf (2021-07-01)
An active problem in digital geometry processing is shape interpolation which aims to generate a continuous sequence of in-betweens for a given source and target shape. Unlike traditional approaches that interpolate source...
Scale-Adaptive ICP
Sahillioğlu, Yusuf; Kavan, Ladislav (2021-07-01)
© 2021 Elsevier Inc.We present a new scale-adaptive ICP (Iterative Closest Point) method which aligns two objects that differ by rigid transformations (translations and rotations) and uniform scaling. The motivation is tha...
Linking COVID-19 perception with socioeconomic conditions using Twitter data
Ertekin Bolelli, Şeyda; Sert, Egemen; Okan, Oral; Ozbilen, Alper; Ozdemir, Suat (2021-07-01)
We, as humans, are constantly in relation with our environment. Sudden changes in our living media may alter the way we perceive ourselves and our environment in various ways. Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a great exa...
Developing multi-objective linear programming approaches for traffic signal optimization
Coşkun, Mustafa Murat; Toroslu, İsmail Hakkı; Şener, Cevat; Department of Computer Engineering (2021-7)
In many countries and metropolitan cities, traffic congestion, mainly caused by population growth and the increase in urbanization, has reached a significant level and has become a major problem for residents and decision...
1. AI-based Air-to-Surface Mission Planning for Opportunity Targets using Predictive LAR Approach
Ertekin Bolelli, Şeyda; Ozdemir, Rasit (2021-06-11)
Feature Dimensionality Reduction with Variational Autoencoders in Deep Bayesian Active Learning
Ertekin Bolelli, Şeyda; Çöl, Pınar Ezgi (2021-06-09)
Data annotation for training of supervised learning algorithms has been a very costly procedure. The aim of deep active learning methodologies is to acquire the highest performance in supervised deep learning models by ann...
Weakly supervised instance attention for multisource fine-grained object recognition with an application to tree species classification
Aygunes, Bulut; Cinbiş, Ramazan Gökberk; Aksoy, Selim (2021-06-01)
© 2021 International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Inc. (ISPRS)Multisource image analysis that leverages complementary spectral, spatial, and structural information benefits fine-grained object recognition...
End User Evaluation of the FAIR4Health Data Curation Tool
Gencturk, Mert; Teoman, Alper; Alvarez-Romero, Celia; Martinez-Garcia, Alicia; Parra-Calderon, Carlos Luis; Poblador-Plou, Beatriz; Löbe, Matthias; Sinaci, A Anil (2021-05-27)
The aim of this study is to build an evaluation framework for the user-centric testing of the Data Curation Tool. The tool was developed in the scope of the FAIR4Health project to make health data FAIR by transforming them...
Citadel: Cyber threat intelligence assisted defense system for software-defined networks
Yürekten, Özgür; DEMİRCİ, MEHMET (2021-05-22)
© 2021 Elsevier B.V.Defending networks is becoming more challenging due to the growing number and variety of cyber threats. On the other hand, network security professionals have new technologies and tools at their disposa...
A reinforcement learning based algorithm for personalization of digital, just-in-time, adaptive interventions
Gönül, Suat; Namlı, Tuncay; Coşar, Ahmet; Toroslu, İsmail Hakkı (2021-05-01)
© 2021 Elsevier B.V.Suboptimal health related behaviors and habits; and resulting chronic diseases are responsible for majority of deaths globally. Studies show that providing personalized support to patients yield improve...
Balanced Path Generation and Reliability Extension for In-band Network Telemetry
ŞİMŞEK, GÖKSEL; Onur, Ertan; Alemdar, Hande; Department of Computer Engineering (2021-5)
Network monitoring is one of the key aspects to ensure communication reliability in case of failures and malicious activities and has several design issues depending on the system characteristics. As traditional monitoring...
Identifying and addressing imbalance problems in visual detection
Öksüz, Kemal; Kalkan, Sinan; Akbaş, Emre; Department of Computer Engineering (2021-5)
This thesis has two aims: (Aim 1) Identifying imbalance problems in visual detection, and (Aim 2) addressing these problems using loss functions based on performance measures. For Aim 1, we present a comprehensive review o...
Intra- and Inter-Cluster Link Scheduling in Ad Hoc Networks
Eksert, Mustafa Levet; Onur, Ertan; Department of Computer Engineering (2021-4-7)
While clustering improves the scalability of ad hoc networks in comparison to flattopologies, it introduces additional challenges for resource scheduling when contention-free medium access is employed. This thesis address...
Human body reconstruction from limited number of points
Tastan, Oguzhan; Sahillioğlu, Yusuf (2021-04-01)
We propose a novel approach for reconstructing plausible three-dimensional (3D) human body models from small number of 3D points which represent body parts. We leverage a database of 3D models of humans varying from each o...
Automated integration of real-time and non-real-time defense systems
Dalkiran, Emre; Onel, Tolga; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.; Demir, Kadir Alpaslan (2021-04-01)
Various application domains require the integration of distributed real-time or near-real-time systems with non-real-time systems. Smart cities, smart homes, ambient intelligent systems, or network-centric defense systems ...
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