Issues in multiple criteria decision making with discrete alternatives

Sagala, Paul N S


Issues in selecting a representative set for multi-objective integer programs
Özarık, Sami Serkan; Lokman, Banu; Köksalan, Murat; Department of Industrial Engineering (2017)
Multi-objective Integer Programs (MOIPs) have many areas of application in real life since it allows the decision makers to consider conflicting objectives simultaneously. However, the optimal solution is not unique for MOIPs and the number of nondominated points of multi-objective integer programs increases exponentially with the problem size. Therefore, finding all nondominated points is computationally hard and not practical for the decision maker. Instead of generating all nondominated points, it is rea...
Current Topics in Management
Aşcıgil, Semra Feriha (2001-1-01)
Implementing shared decision-making for returning to play sports after an injury using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) in a web application
Yılmaz, Nilay; Yet, Barbaros; Tuncer Şakar, Ceren; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2022-8-23)
Return to sport after an injury is a complex decision-making process taken by multiple decision-makers by considering multiple criteria. Biological and functional recoveries are the main factor of the decision. However, since this decision will affect athletes’ career paths, psychological readiness of athletes is required to be a crucial part of the decision. This thesis investigates how to implement a shared decision-making model with a developed Return to Sport Decision Aid Tool by using Analytic Hierarch...
A new systematic and flexible method for developing hierarchical decision-making models
BELDEK, ULAŞ; Leblebicioğlu, Mehmet Kemal (2015-01-01)
The common practice in multilevel decision-making (DM) systems is to achieve the final decision by going through a finite number of DM levels. In this study, a new multilevel DM model is proposed. This model is called the hierarchical DM (HDM) model and it is supposed to provide a flexible way of interaction and information flow between the consecutive levels that allows policy changes in DM procedures if necessary. In the model, in the early levels, there are primary agents that perform DM tasks. As the le...
Multiobjective decision making: an interactive approach and discrete representation of the efficient frontier
Karasakal (Köktener), Esra; Köksalan, Murat; Department of Industrial Engineering (2000)
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P. N. S. Sagala, “Issues in multiple criteria decision making with discrete alternatives,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1990.