Nonlinearity and propagation statistics of substitution boxes

Çeçen, Sinan


Nonlinearity and Smooth Breaks in Unit Root Testing
Omay, Tolga; Yıldırım Kasap, Dilem (2014-06-01)
We develop unit root tests that allow under the alternative hypothesis for a smooth transition between deterministic linear trends, around which stationary asymmetric adjustment may occur by employing exponential smooth transition auto-regressive (ESTAR) models The small sample properties of the newly developed test are briefly investigated and an application for investigating the PPP hypothesis for Argentina is provided.
Nonlinearity of lok197 s-boxes.
Altaş, Evrim; Yücel, Melek D.; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2002)
GULEN, D; BASKAL, S (IOP Publishing, 1993-02-15)
This study investigates the effects of dissipation on the quasi-particle transport in a degenerate molecular trimer in which the time evolution is described by the discrete non-linear Schrodinger equation. The standard procedure of introducing dissipation as a phase-destroying stochastic parameter through the corresponding Liouville-von Neumann equation is employed. A dosed second-order integrodifferential equation describing the time evolution of the site occupation probability difference is derived in the...
Nonlinear optical properties of a Poschl-Teller quantum well under electric and magnetic fields
AYTEKİN, ÖZLEM; Turgut, Sadi; Tomak, Mehmet (2012-04-01)
The nonlinear optical properties of a Poschl-Teller Quantum well (PTQW) under electric and magnetic fields are studied. The salient feature of this potential is its flexibility. It can be made asymmetrical by a proper choice of its two parameters. Optical rectification, second and third-harmonic generation susceptibilities are calculated using the density matrix formalism. We study the effects of quantum confinement, electric and magnetic fields on all of these optical coefficients.
Nonlinear viscous higher harmonics generation due to incident and reflecting internal wave beam collision
Aksu, Anil A. (2017-09-01)
In this paper, we have considered the non-linear effects arising due to the collision of incident and reflected internal wave beams. It has already been shown analytically [Tabaei et al., "Nonlinear effects in reflecting and colliding internal wave beams," J. Fluid Mech. 526, 217-243 (2005)] and numerically [Rodenborn et al., "Harmonic generation by reflecting internal waves," Phys. Fluids 23, 026601 (2011)] that the internal wave beam collision generates the higher harmonics and mean flow in a linear strat...
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S. Çeçen, “Nonlinearity and propagation statistics of substitution boxes,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.