Nonlinearity of lok197 s-boxes.

Altaş, Evrim


Nonlinearity and propagation statistics of substitution boxes
Çeçen, Sinan; Yücel, Melek D.; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2001)
Nonlinearity preserving post-transformations
Sertkaya, İsa; Doğanaksoy, Ali; Department of Cryptography (2004)
Boolean functions are accepted to be cryptographically strong if they satisfy some common pre-determined criteria. It is expected that any design criteria should remain invariant under a large group of transformations due to the theory of similarity of secrecy systems proposed by Shannon. One of the most important design criteria for cryptographically strong Boolean functions is the nonlinearity criterion. Meier and Staffelbach studied nonlinearity preserving transformations, by considering the invertible t...
Nonlinearity and Smooth Breaks in Unit Root Testing
Omay, Tolga; Yıldırım Kasap, Dilem (2014-06-01)
We develop unit root tests that allow under the alternative hypothesis for a smooth transition between deterministic linear trends, around which stationary asymmetric adjustment may occur by employing exponential smooth transition auto-regressive (ESTAR) models The small sample properties of the newly developed test are briefly investigated and an application for investigating the PPP hypothesis for Argentina is provided.
GULEN, D; BASKAL, S (IOP Publishing, 1993-02-15)
This study investigates the effects of dissipation on the quasi-particle transport in a degenerate molecular trimer in which the time evolution is described by the discrete non-linear Schrodinger equation. The standard procedure of introducing dissipation as a phase-destroying stochastic parameter through the corresponding Liouville-von Neumann equation is employed. A dosed second-order integrodifferential equation describing the time evolution of the site occupation probability difference is derived in the...
Nonlinear Dynamics, Volume 1
Canbaloğlu, Güvenç; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat (null, 2016-01-01)
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E. Altaş, “Nonlinearity of lok197 s-boxes.,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2002.