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Numerical modeling of the CO2 injection in the Kızıldere geothermal field using multiple inter-well tracer tests
Sevindik, Doguhan Barlas; Erol, Selcuk; Akın, Serhat (2024-05-01)
Many geothermal power plants in Turkey emit high amounts of non-condensable gas (NCG), consisting mainly of CO2. Thus, it is crucial to mitigate the NCG emissions by re-injecting the captured gas back into the reservoir. I...
Experimental study and kinetic modeling of high temperature and pressure CO2 mineralization
Berndsen, Maximilian; Erol, Selçuk; Akın, Taylan; Akın, Serhat; Nardini, Isabella; Immenhauser, Adrian; Nehler, Mathias (2024-02-01)
The potential for in-situ CO2 sequestration was analyzed experimentally for one basaltic hyaloclastite sample from the Nesjavellir geothermal reservoir in Iceland and three metasedimentary rock samples from the Kızıldere g...
Comparison of Reservoir Simulation Techniques for Gas Reservoirs: Semi-Analytical Tank Flow Model Approach versus Finite Volume Solutions
Doğan, Mehmet Onur; Jamalbayli, Tayfun; Jamalbayov, Mahammad (2023-11-22)
Comparison of Reservoir Simulation Techniques for Gas Reservoirs: Semi-Analytical Tank Flow Model Approach versus Finite Volume SolutionsMehmet Onur Doğan a, Tayfun Jamalbayli* a, Mahammad Jamalbayov ba Middle East Technic...
New Definition and Numerical Analysis of Local Thermal Non-Equilibrium (LTNE) Conditions in Porous Media: Considering Convection and Conduction Processes for Darcy Scale Problems
Doğan, Mehmet Onur; Tavakkoli Osgouei, Yashar (2023-11-22)
New Definition and Numerical Analysis of Local Thermal Non-Equilibrium (LTNE) Conditions in Porous Media: Considering Convection and Conduction Processes for Darcy Scale ProblemsMehmet Onur Dogan a, *, Yashar Tavakkoli ...
Extended Multiple Interacting Continua (E-MINC) Model Improvement with a K-Means Clustering Algorithm Based on an Equi-dimensional Discrete Fracture Matrix (ED-DFM) Model
Doğan, Mehmet Onur (2023-11-01)
Modeling fluid flow in fractured reservoirs can be complicated, not only because ofthe permeability differences between fractures and matrix, but also due to the com-plex network of fractures. If the exact fracture geometr...
Bülbül, Sevtaç; Sınayuç, Çağlar; Doğan, Mehmet Onur (2023-09-29)
İklim değişikliğinin etkilerinin azaltılabilmesi için gerekli teknik yeterliliğin sağlanmasının yanı sıra ilgili faaliyetlerin uygulanmasına imkân veren yasal düzenlemelerin geliştirilmesi de büyük önem taşımaktadır. Ka...
A Numerical Study on the Effect of Flue Gas Composition on Oil Recovery in Low-Permeability Formations
Tavakkoli Osgouei, Yashar; Doğan, Mehmet Onur; Sınayuç, Çağlar (2023-09-29)
The production of heavy oil is challenging because of its higher viscosity and lower mobility. Although thermal-based methods are useful to cope with these problems through heat injection, the application of thermal rec...
Minimization Of The Noise In The Calculated Pressure Derivative Data For The Interpretation Of Transient Tests
Coşar, Doğuhan; Sınayuç, Çağlar (2023-09-29)
Well tests are conducted to estimate essential reservoir parameters like permeability and skin factor. Pressure data is recorded at regular intervals during these tests, which are crucial for predicting the production po...
Cihaner, Oğuz; Yıldırım, Betül (2023-09-28)
Ankonvansiyonel (geleneksel olmayan) bir şeyl rezervuar sisteminde, kaynak kayaç, rezervuar kayaç ve örtü kayaç, aynı şeyl formasyonu tarafından temsil edilir. Şeyl rezervuarları, ultra düşük geçirgenliğe sahip son derece ...
Petrol ve Doğal Gaz
Yıldırım, Betül (Anadolu University, 2023-09-01)
CO2 Dissolution in the reservoir brine: An experimental and simulation-based approach
Aydın, Hakkı; Akın, Serhat (2023-07-01)
This study benefits from carbon dioxide gas (CO2) dissolution experiments to mimic CO2 dissolution behavior under reservoir conditions. A unique experimental setup, consisting of a batch reactor, gas flow meter, and a sa...
Heat Extraction at High Flow Rates by Fracture Plugging in Geothermal Reservoirs from Pore to Darcy Scale Considering Local Thermal Non-Equilibrium (LTNE) Conditions
Tavakkoli, Yashar; Doğan, Mehmet Onur; Akın, Serhat (2023-05-22)
The existence of fracture network in porous media can have positive or negative effects on matrix fracture transfer depending on the flow rate. In higher flow rates the efficiency of heat extraction decreases in fractured...
Update for reactive transport modeling of the Kızıldere geothermal field to reduce uncertainties in the early inspections
Akın, Taylan; Akın, Serhat (2023-5-01)
The development of carbon capture and storage techniques has become essential to reduce and mitigating CO2 emissions to the atmosphere. CarbFix1 and CarbFix2 projects carried out in Iceland demonstrated that the emissio...
Modelling reinjection of two-phase non-condensable gases and water in geothermal wells
Leontidis, Vlasios; Niknam, Pouriya H.; Durgut, Ismail; Talluri, Lorenzo; Manfrida, Giampaolo; Fiaschi, Daniele; Akın, Serhat; Gainville, Martin (2023-03-01)
Steam production from high enthalpy geothermal systems is frequently accompanied by the emission of non-condensable gases (NCGs), initially dissolved in the liquid phase or mixed in the vapour phase at depth in the reservo...
Modeling of Chloride and Carbon Dioxide Injection at Kızıldere Geothermal Field
Sevindik, Doğuhan Barlas; Akin, Taylan; Akın, Serhat (2023-02-10)
Re-injection process of the produced fluids back into the reservoirs is a widely recognized method to maintain the reservoir pressure and prolong the life-cycle of the geothermal fields. In addition, environmental awarene...
Recent Soil Carbon Dioxide Flux Measurements at Kızıldere Geothermal Field
Tokel, Ali Berkay; Akın, Serhat; Akin, Taylan; Sevindik, Doğuhan Barlas (2023-02-10)
Geothermal fields in the Western part of Turkey are known for their significant carbon dioxide content that results in considerably high amounts of gas emissions from geothermal power plants during electricity production....
Monte Carlo Model Simulations of Tracer Tests to Determine Fracture Aperture Size Range in an Anisotropic Geothermal Reservoir
Akin, Taylan; Akın, Serhat (2023-02-10)
The predictive modeling of flow and transport processes in geothermal reservoirs is challenging due to the complex nature of fracture networks. Tracer tests are traditionally used to characterize such reservoirs for susta...
Decomposition behavior and kinetics of Beydili and Ihsangazi oil shale deposits (Turkiye) by TG-DTG-MS
Kök, Mustafa Verşan; Varfolomeev, Mikhail A.; Nurgaliev, Danis K. (2023-02-01)
This research mainly investigates the decomposition behavior and kinetics of Beydili and Ihsangazi oil shale deposits (Türkiye) by TG-DTG and MS techniques. In the initial stage of the research, geochemical and organic cha...
Experimental and numerical investigation of mining assisted heavy oil production for the Bati Raman field, Turkey
Canbolat, Serhat; Öztürk, Hasan; Akın, Serhat (2023-01-01)
This research aims to investigate possible ultimate recovery from the largest oil reserve (Bati Raman) in Turkey using a new method called mining-assisted heavy oil production (MAHOP) where declines (tunnels) are excavated...
Thermal characteristics and model-free kinetics of oil shale samples
Kök, Mustafa Verşan; Bal, Berk; Varfolomeev, Mikhail A.; Nurgaliev, Danis K. (2023-01-01)
This research investigates the non-isothermal thermogravimetric analysis and kinetics of oil shale samples at different heating rates and in the air atmosphere. In all the oil shale samples studied, the TG-DTG curves indic...
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