Statistical analysis of discontinuity parameters of Gölbaşı (Ankara) andesites, Süpren (Eskişehir) marble, and Porsuk Dam (Eskişehir) peridotite

Ayday, Can


Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the oceanic island and subduction-related assemblages from the palaeotethyan Karakaya subduction/accretion complex, central and nw Turkey
Sayıt, Kaan; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal; Department of Geological Engineering (2010)
The Nilüfer Unit of the Karakaya Complex at the pre-Liassic basement of the Sakarya Composite Terrane is composed mainly of metabasaltic lithologies with limestones, and minor cherts and mudstones. These metabasic assemblages show OIB- and E-MORB-type geochemical signatures with variable enrichment in the most incompatible elements relative to N-MORB. The Eymir Unit consists of variably deformed metaclastics, and constitutes the matrix in which the Nilüfer-type blocks are embedded. In the Ankara region, the...
An experimental study of vertical and inclined soil nails under footings as settlement reducers
Engin, Harun Kürşat; Ergun, Mehmet Ufuk; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
Vertical and inclined soil nails under footings as settlement ا reducing elements is investigated using a physical 1g model in the laboratory. Nails are not connected to footing, they are not so long and vertical settlement of nails is very large compared to usual limits encountered for piles or micropiles. Following the settlement of footing, they share the load together with the footing. The skin friction is mostly mobilized and end-bearing failure occurs continuously during the settlement. The system of ...
Modeling of mogan and eymir lakes aquifer system
Yağbasan, Özlem; Yazıcıgil, Hasan; Department of Geological Engineering (2007)
Mogan and Eymir Lakes, located 20 km south of Ankara, are important aesthetic, recreational, and ecological resources. Dikilitaş and İkizce reservoirs, constructed on upstream surface waters, are two man-made structures in the basin encompassing an area of 985 km2. The purpose of this study is (1) to quantify groundwater components in lakes’ budgets, (2) to assess the potential impacts of upstream reservoirs on lake levels, and (3) to determine effects of potential climatic change on lakes and groundwater l...
Cpt based compressibility assessment of soils
Özkahriman, Fatma; Çetin, Kemal Önder; Department of Civil Engineering (2004)
One of the most critical problems geotechnical engineers face with is the determination of the amount of consolidation settlement that will occur at a site as a result of the construction of a structure. The compressibility behavior of the soil is an important parameter in determining the amount of consolidation settlement. The goal of this study is to develop probabilistically based correlation between the compressibility behavior of soil and in-situ test data. Within the scope of this research effort, per...
Genetic Modeling Of The Şamli (Balıkesir) Iron Deposit
Yılmazer, Erkan; Güleç, Nilgün Türkan; Kuşcu, İlkay; Department of Geological Engineering (2012)
Şamlı Fe-oxide (+Cu±Au) deposit is hosted by Şamlı pluton and rocks of Karakaya Complex in western Anatolia. The pluton consists of both mafic and felsic phases showing magma mixing textures. 40Ar/39Ar geochronology yielded an age range of 23.2±0.5 to 22.42±0.11 Ma for the Şamlı pluton, overlapping with 40Ar/39Ar age of 22.33±0.59 Ma and U-Pb age of 23.34±0.19 Ma from alterations. Sr-Nd isotope data are suggestive of a metasomatized subcontinental lithospheric mantle (SCLM) source for the magma. Alteration-...
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C. Ayday, “Statistical analysis of discontinuity parameters of Gölbaşı (Ankara) andesites, Süpren (Eskişehir) marble, and Porsuk Dam (Eskişehir) peridotite,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1989.