Seismic investigation of the crustal structure in central Anatolia.

Türkelli, Niyazi


Performance assessment of compacted bentonite/sand mixtures utilized as isolation material in underground waste disposal repositories
Ada, Mahir; Akgün, Haluk; Department of Geological Engineering (2007)
The design and development of isolation or backfill materials, which seal the disposal facility, are important for disposing the wastes. The use of compacted bentonite-sand for construction of shaft seals and liners for waste containment structures has been proposed by various studies. Therefore; it is aimed in this study to develop an isolation material to be used in underground waste repositories. For such designs to be effective, their performance need to be assessed and a minimum hydraulic conductivity ...
Architectural Design in Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Environments: A Comparative Analysis
Ergün, Oğuzcan; Akın, Şahin; Gürsel Dino, İpek; Sürer, Elif (2019-01-01)
Virtual reality (VR) provides a completely digital world of interaction which enables the users to modify, edit, and transform digital elements in a responsive way. Mixed reality (MR), which is the result of blending the digital world and the physical world together, brings new advancements and challenges to human, computer and environment interactions. This paper focuses on adapting the already-existing methods and tools in architecture to both VR and MR environments under sustainable architectural design ...
Dilute solid-liquid upward flows through a vertical annulus in a closed loop system
Ozbelge, TA; Beyaz, Ahmet (2001-04-01)
Visualizing the protein-protein interactions network in virtual reality and mixed reality environments
Şenderin, Büşra; Sürer, Elif; Tunçbağ, Nurcan; Department of Modeling and Simulation (2021-8)
Protein-protein interactions (PPI) define the physical contact of two or more protein structures. When these interactions are combined, the protein-protein interaction network (PPIN) is formed. The interactions between protein structures are distinct interactions—they happen in specific binding locations on proteins, and they have a specific biological function that they take on. With these networks, the processes within a cell or a living organism when healthy or diseased can be studied. In this thesis, a ...
Developing building information modelling based virtual reality and mixed reality environments for architectural design and improving user interactions with serious games
Ergün, Oğuzcan.; Sürer, Elif; Department of Modeling and Simulation (2019)
Virtual Reality (VR) provides an interactive experience for its users in a fully artificial computer-simulated environment while Mixed Reality (MR) forms environments by mixing the real world and the virtual world elements together. In the first part of this thesis, an architectural visualization and design tool, which is based on Building Information Modeling (BIM), is developed for VR, MR and personal computer (PC) environments. BIM provides detailed information and tools to professionals so that they can...
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N. Türkelli, “Seismic investigation of the crustal structure in central Anatolia.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1984.