Purification of sheep liver pyruvate kinase and the effect of storage on the kinetic properties.

Kayrın, Levent


Investigation of the effect of bending twisting coupling on the loads in wind turbines with superelement blade definition
Gözcü, Mehmet Ozan; Kayran, Altan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2014)
In this thesis study, the effect of off-axis plies in the spar caps of a wind turbine blade on the damage equivalent loads in a wind turbine system is investigated. The off-axis plies in the spar caps are exploited for load alleviation in the whole turbine system since the off-axis plies induced bending-twisting coupling into blades of wind turbine. Damage equivalent load is used to assess the effect of bend twist coupled blade on the fatigue load reduction in the whole wind turbine system. NREL's 5 MW turb...
Purification and characterisation of two isozymes of pyruvate decarboxylase from Rhizopus oryzae
Açar, Şeyda; Yücel, Meral; Hamamcı, Haluk (Elsevier BV, 2007-3)
Pyruvate decarboxylases were purified and partially characterised for the first time from aerobically grown Rhizopus oryzae mycelium. Two very similar pyruvate decarboxylase isoenzymes were partially separated from each other by a purification protocol including ammonium sulphate precipitation, gel filtration chromatography and anion exchange chromatography. The subunit molecular weights of the enzymes were estimated to be 61 kDa for both. The pI values determined by two-dimensional electrophoretic analysis...
Nietzsche’s influence on modernist bildungsroman: the immoralist, a portrait of the artist as a young man, and demian /
Başpınar, Harika; Alpakın Martınez Caro, Dürrin; Department of English Literature (2014)
This thesis carries out a comparative analysis of three modernist bildungsromans written by André Gide, James Joyce, and Hermann Hesse in the light of Nietzschean philosophy. The Immoralist (1902), A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916), and Demian (1919) are all coming of age novels reflecting the zeitgeist of modern Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. It is argued that their protagonists are typical modernist characters who show a rebellious characteristic and strive for freedom and authe...
The explanatory relationship among self-esteem, problem solving, ways of coping, social support and suicidal ideation of patients with schizophrenia
Alınmış, Raziye Kıvılcım; Fışıloğlu, Hürol; Department of Psychology (2011)
This study aimed to explore the relationship among self-esteem, problem solving ability, ways of coping, social support and suicidal ideation of patients with schizophrenia and the differences between these variables according to the existence of suicide attempt of the patients with schizophrenia. In order to analyse the relationship and find out the differences among patients who did and did not attempt suicide, Rosenberg's Self Esteem Scale, Problem Solving Inventory, Turkish Ways of Coping Inventory, Mul...
Characterization of cellulosic paper coated with chitosan-zinc oxide nanocomposite containing nisin and its application in packaging of UF cheese
Divsalar, Elahe; Tajik, Hossein; Moradi, Mehran; Forough, Mehrdad; Lotfi, Mohamad; Kuswandi, Bambang (2018-04-01)
A new antimicrobial bilayer film was developed using chitosan, cellulose, and nisin. Chitosan solution containing nisin (500 and 1000 mu g/mL) was prepared by sol-gel method and then the solution was coated on cellulose paper by dip coating method. A chitosan-cellulose film without antimicrobial had no inhibitory effect on Listeria monocytogenes, whereas, the incorporation of nisin made a significant increase (P<0.05) in antimicrobial characteristics of the films. Moreover, no significant differences were s...
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L. Kayrın, “Purification of sheep liver pyruvate kinase and the effect of storage on the kinetic properties.,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 1984.