An Experimental study of capacity expansion and sequencing alternatives for a flat rolled metal producer

Arer, Mehmet Murat


An experimental study of vertical and inclined soil nails under footings as settlement reducers
Engin, Harun Kürşat; Ergun, Mehmet Ufuk; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
Vertical and inclined soil nails under footings as settlement ا reducing elements is investigated using a physical 1g model in the laboratory. Nails are not connected to footing, they are not so long and vertical settlement of nails is very large compared to usual limits encountered for piles or micropiles. Following the settlement of footing, they share the load together with the footing. The skin friction is mostly mobilized and end-bearing failure occurs continuously during the settlement. The system of ...
An experimental study of residual fiber strains in Ti-15-3 continuous fiber composites
Pickard, S.M.; Miracle, D.B.; Majumdar, B.S.; Kendig, K.L.; Rothenflue, L.; Çöker, Demirkan (Elsevier BV, 1995-01-01)
A simplified experimental technique to determine the axial fiber residual strain in continuously-reinforced metal matrix composites is described. The residual fiber strains in two Ti-15V-3Cr-3Al-3Sn/SiC metal matrix composites have been measured with this technique. Residual fiber strains on the order of 0.2% are measured in the as-processed condition, and the residual stresses approach zero after testing the composite in tension to failure at room temperature. A conceptual description of the effect of tens...
Baran, Eray; Kurtoğlu, Metin (null; 2012-10-17)
An Experimental Study on Welded Overlap CoreSteel Encased Buckling-restrained Braces
Bozkurt, Mehmet Bakır; Topkaya, Cem (null; 2017-09-13)
Buckling restrained braced frames (BRBFs) can be used as a lateral load resisting system in seismic regions. A typical buckling restrained brace (BRB) is composed of a core segment, debonding material and a buckling restraining mechanism (BRM). The cross‐section of the core segment can be changed along the length to constrain yielding in a limited domain. Most of the BRBs utilize a rectangular core segment which is reduced in width throughout yielding length. The gradual reduction in the width of the core s...
An experimental study of the FlexRay dynamic segment
Schmidt, Klaus Verner; Schmidt, Şenan Ece; Karakaya, Utku (2010-01-01)
It is expected that the time-triggered FlexRay bus will replace the event-triggered Controller Area Network (CAN) for the high-speed in-vehicle communication in future automobiles. To this end, FlexRay provides a static segment for the transmission of periodic messages and a dynamic segment that is suitable for exchanging event-based (sporadic) messages. In this paper, we experimentally evaluate the operation of the FlexRay dynamic segment. In particular, we study how the maximum and average message delays ...
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M. M. Arer, “An Experimental study of capacity expansion and sequencing alternatives for a flat rolled metal producer,” Middle East Technical University, 1997.